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Eric Tano's 'It'll Be Okay': A Refreshing Take on Indie Pop that Truly Stands Out

Some beats capture the moment with precise lasers and cut them into bite-sized sterile pieces for easy consumption. These beats are all overused, and let’s all be honest here, we’re bored of them. So it is refreshing when someone comes along not with a laser, but a net, a simple and effective method that captures the idea, the tone of the melody and the harmony of it all, together. No need for sterilisation. Eric Tano has created a single, ‘It’ll Be Okay,’ that feels classic in its newness. It packs a punch in a different kind of way, it finds the light in an interesting twist in the bridge, and it pulls you through its movements with a passionate vocal and tonnes to listen to in the background.

‘It’ll Be Okay’ finds its niche in indie pop of the most modern flavour. The track breathes faster, bounces higher and powers on for longer than all of its counterparts. This is a song that will outlast a lot of them. What is truly magical about Eric Tano’s sound is the staying power and identity. I can still hear the vocals in my head, their tone and texture, I can still feel the beat. This is the work of an artist who wants to go on, who wants to fight for something bigger and put more songs out there into the world. I can’t wait for what’s next. But until then, I’ll have ‘It’ll Be Okay’ on repeat. Smashing.



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