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EVA NO - Smile At Christmas - A TJPL CHRISTMAS

Eva No is hitting us hard in the feels this holiday season with her latest single, ‘Smile at Christmas’. It's a song that recalls memories of times now gone and how this holiday season, for some, can bring those latter days to the surface once again. It's a sad song, but a warm one. The instrumental hits a country-pop vibe, it's large and soft and features a backing ensemble and slide guitar, it lifts the centre vocal up to even greater heights as it weaves a melody through sadness and into reflection.

A sad song need not be missed around Christmas time. It can make us think of those who unfortunately cannot be there with us. It's a great song to sit with, a charm. The tones that ‘Smile at Christmas’ contains are a remedy to heartache and the vocals that Eva No provides are a balm for bad memories. A swell song to stick on a Christmas playlist, to round out the feelings and remind friends and family how important they all are to one another. Eva No is helping us to be wiser, mindful and loving and I thank them for it. It takes great skill to wrap such a message into a song that remains a great tune, it was not lost to the message, but emboldened by it. A fantastic track, through and through.


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