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Experience the Soul-Stirring Magic of 'Hold It Up' by Magdalia Featuring Mayzie Chew

The cover art for 'Hold It Up' features an ethereal illustration of Magdalia and Mayzie Chew
The cover art for 'Hold It Up' features an ethereal illustration of Magdalia and Mayzie Chew

Magdalia and Mayzie Chew Unite to Craft a Ballad of Breathtaking Harmony and Heartfelt Emotion, Offering a Musical Journey That Elevates the Spirit.

Magdalia’s latest single, ‘Hold It Up feat. Mayzie Chew,’ is wonderful and warm when it touches your soul. It’s a song formed around the core of the ballad. There are some strong chords, strummed on a solo acoustic guitar, joined later on by minimal touches of tone to give it some oomph. The vocals, however, are where the passion truly lies. The two of them dance and swirl above the instrumental. You are thrust upwards towards them, flying through misty clouds, coming out short of breath and looking for support. That’s when you float, above it all; looking down the world looks so small, the problems of your life so far away. For a moment you let the sky hold you, soft and soothing, cool and refreshing. It’s a shift of perspective, and it’s total in its grasp.

‘Hold It Up’ is a passionate song from the moment you press play. There’s a magic that most songs never manage to capture. Many songs rise up in tone, but they don’t bring their humanity with them. That’s where Magdalia and Mayzie Chew thrive. Their vocals rise with the instrumental but they do so without leaving the listener behind. That first chorus is eye-opening. The harmony is so honest, so heartfelt. They are striving for emotion here, not musical notes. When they hit those highs then, you are left breathless as you are taken there too, expelling all of the hate, all of the built-up anger; it flows out of you as rain does from a cloud. It simply collects and falls. ‘Hold It Up’ is a single that connects with all of us. It’s a song, sung from the heart, played from the soul, that pulls humanity together at its root foundation. We all feel, and sometimes we need to be reminded that we feel, we feel together. A beautiful single that I’m sure will touch the hearts of many.

Genres: Acoustic, Ballad, Folk

Moods: Heartfelt, Soothing, Uplifting, Emotional, Refreshing

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