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Fabbro di Chiavi knows how to get your blood pumping with sound


Light And Heavy

Markdorf, Germany

Fabbro di Chiavi knows how to get your blood pumping with sound. ‘Light and Heavy’ is a heavy rock/metal instrumental single that features classical music influences and some insane acoustic playing. It is as the name suggests, a meeting point of light rock and heavy rock. The sounds of metal are there in the core, the smashing drums with deep kicks alighting the bass line with the guitar chugging along. It breaks away and the guitar is sent on a soaring solo mission fast enough to hit escape velocity. It hits the atmosphere with bright colours and enough heat to melt every rock lover's face back on planet earth. Then it gets interesting … The acoustic section bleeds in, cutting off the silence. It starts simple and speeds up and up and up until it is a clashing melody of what seems like a thousand fingers, all playing at once to produce a cacophony of tones. It reaches a zenith and, wham! back the electric comes with a musical solo that hits harmonies and doesn’t sound like lightning nonsense.

Fabbro di Chiavi’s ‘Light and Heavy’ is masterful in its construction. From the drums to the guitar solos, each section is integral. Nothing is overdone and the focus is always on the killer melody. The result is a rock instrumental that is so regal it bleeds purple.



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