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New York City, United States

Aspen is a singer songwriter, producer who recorded her latest EP 'SPACE' in her "little apartment in Chinatown NYC". She also produced and mixed her project - something many of us try to do but sometimes fail. Quoting Aspen the artist said that she "wanted the project to feel weightless, hence the name SPACE. At the same time, the lyrics are very personal to me, as I wrote them while navigating a troubled time in my relationship. We found ourselves searching for more SPACE, and wishing we might be able to go back in time." When asked for a quote the artist simply said "Come float with me" so I decided to give it go!

Track 1 called 'Space' opens this EP with a dreamy sensation straight through your earbuds and into your brain - SEROTONIN BOOSTER. Aspen's vocals are absolutely beautiful when accompanied with the elements of trap soul synths. We hear a slow and soulful emergence of twangy guitar VSTs full of delay and reverb to bring the space feel of the track to life that are accompanied by the occasional vocal chop to add to the RnB vibe of this one. Track 2 titled 'Floating' in a third shorter in length but still an absolute vibe. In this track the dreamy nature of the production remains dominant to give us a consistent feel to the overall production of the EP. Opening with classic RnB floaty synths we're instantly consumed in the nature of its title. Aspen's vocals come in with a high level of reverb to make use of the space that is allowed through the instrumental elements. This really brings you into a state of 'Floating' - a fitting execution of the mixing process which really fits into the message of the song. The vocals have a similar feel to 'Breathing' by Ariana Grande - it has the same type of reverb that is present in some parts of that track. Although this track has very minimal lyrics the vocals don't actually feel repetitive, they feel meditative. Track 3 titled 'Interlude' is under a minute long. Bringing her vocals up a few keys, we hear a different side to this vocalists artistry. Accompanied by a classic old school Hip-Hop drum beat and trap soul horns we hear the words "I just want to feel you" which are repeated in variation throughout this piece with a couple of cheeky vocal chops thrown in too. The ping pong delay works well in this short piece. The lyrics certainly did the trick, I felt it. Ending this project, we're presented with 'Back In Time', another dreamy soulful production. Smooth, deep and vacant vocal chops open this piece alongside even more distant choppy piano in the background. As the vocals come in we hear a slow introduction of strings behind the vocals but above the piano synth. The lyrics "I just wanna feel love again" are reminiscent to the message given in the interlude. This is a really dreamy project that keeps you lost in its arms for the whole duration. MORE PLEASE.



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