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FEATURED ARTIST *Bethany Weimers*



Bethany Weimers

Oxford, United Kingdom

Credit - Helen Messenger




After a seven year hiatus, alt-pop singer and songwriter Bethany Weimers makes a triumphant return with her glorious, haunting and uplifting new track Circles. Self-Produced at her home studio in Oxford, Bethany combines rich layers of piano with captivating lead vocals and sumptuous pitch-shifted backing vocals. The track was written late last year and explores ideas sparked by motherhood, the pandemic and larger social and political changes.

Bethany’s music has been heard on radio stations such 6 Music, Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing Oxford; and she has toured in both the UK and Europe. Musical influences include Agnes Obel, Nina Simone and Nick Cave and fans have likened Bethany to artists such as Regina Spector and PJ Harvey.

So, let's get on with it then! Scroll down to hear my take on 'Circles'.

Credit - Helen Messenger




Bethany Weimers opens 'Circles' in a way that is very engaging to the listener. A deep, rich sounding acoustic piano offers a short few bar introduction before Bethany's vocals come in to take the light in the front of this production. The lyrics are clear to hear and I grasped the meaning behind the track very quickly. Shortly into the production we hear several tones and pitches from Bethany. These come in the form of layers that are complimentary of each other and mixed very well. There are many backing vocal styles and layers found in the mix at several key points of the track. Some deep, some high, some mid range. Some moody, some happy, but all extremely moving. I really enjoyed this song for three main reasons. 1) The lyrics have a message that carry depth in their meaning. 2) The contrast in the vocal layers were interesting and work well when captivating the audience. 3) All the pieces of the track had a specific space in the mix. This meant that we could hear the lyrics at a good level and also hear the elements of instrumentation. This is a nice track. Great work. If you'd like to hear the track for yourselves make sure that you click the link below!



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