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DatKid Smoove

Las Vegas, United Kingdom

Credit - hard2reachent




Datkid Smoove , artist and founder of "Hard2Reach Ent" doubles it up this year after a long hiatus and introduction into his latest album release "Last Year Was Hard 4 Me". This is an artist that I was super excited about writing for. He takes no shortcuts in producing this Hip-hop inspired masterpiece so let's go through it track by track, shall we?...




Opening this 7-track project is a track entitled "Moon". I was naturally drawn to this from the name alone but when I hit play I was pulled in by the tide for real! The track opens with a haunting choir backing that holds the listeners' attention whilst the artist makes a brief statement. This track keeps your attention through an impeccable flow and lyrical content. There's a real message to be taken away from this track. Track 2 'Paper Chase/Runaway opens with a statement of intent we hear the inspirational mindset of the artist. The beat and the flow in this rap track are catchy and on point. Full of distorted vocal chops that briefly break up the flow is a move I think works really well. 'Day 5' brings soul to the mix through heartfelt vocal chops that ride the beat to perfection. Again, this artist goes in hard onto the paper and into the booth. This track reminds me of the early work of Drake and Lil Wayne. 'Interlude' doesn't even take a break as the name suggests, it merely offers another reflective piece packed with reflection and the artists' perception. Ironically, 'Interlude' is the longest track of the whole project. A brief inspirational speech floods our minds with more to think about. This is a truly conscious rap album with high skill, relatability, and meaning. Around 3 minutes in the whole track does a turn into something slowed down in instrumentation but holds the whole track. Track 5 entitled 'Bag Brother' takes a turn towards a darker drill-sounding piece. Just when I thought I couldn't resonate with this project any further this turn got me bad. I love artists that own their darkness and Datkid Smoove does it with ease. In complete juxtaposition 'The Show' brings a smooth neo-soul, hip-hop-inspired piece to the project through a simple guitar loop. For the first time in this project, we hear the artist sing! This was a beautiful and moving touch to add to the rap flow. "Were you dreaming of things that I dream? or would you trade it all for anything?" are the closing lyrics as we hear the rain pour. Closing the project we're given 'Day 2' another TrapSoul-inspired piece that takes us on a hard-hitting rap journey through the mind of my artist. This is a track that you won't forget, in fact, this whole project has moved me differently and I can not wait to keep an eye on this artist for what he'll bring next. I'm so excited to hear more! If Hip-hop is your vibe then I would definitely get clicking on the link below! This is 10000/10.



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