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Doc Breezus

Eugene, United States





Doc Breezus is a rapper, singer and beat maker who records, mixes, and masters his own songs. Holding artists' such as Eminem, Lil Wayne, Drake, and Kanye West responsible for his love for rap music. His latest project entitled 'Unobtainium' is a three piece project that was recorded in the artists' bedroom studio. I was keen to listen to this track. Below you can ready my review of 'Unobtainium' by Doc Breezus'.




Doc Breezus kicks off his three track project with 'Blue Shells'. Choppy 80s synths bring you into the mix before the introduction of some heavy bass smashing 808s. As the vocals come into the mix we hear emo rap vocals similar to the vibe of the likes of the late Juice Wrld. Heavy autotune transposes the vocals to bring us something heavily robotic but amazingly captivating. Listening to the lyrics we hear hear the expression "every man for himself" implying that this artist is ok with having to stay strong in the world. This is a really catchy track, I'm a fan for sure! The beat was produced by 'Laurent G' and is mixed and mastered in a great way. I would maybe compress the 808s slightly more but that's just my preference. It works and the whole track is a vibe. The second track entitled 'FTD' opens with Doc Breezus letting us know that he produced this simplistic beat in a spoken word instroduction. Simplistic it may be but effective it is too! Catchy, melodic and contagious, the beat captures its audience and does what it is supposed to do. The minimalistic bell loop when combined with the drum loop creates something that makes room for the vocalts. I like the contrast that this brings to the middle of the project. In fact, I love it. 'You Oughta Know' again produced completely by 'Doc Breezus' is the strongest track on the album. Offering something bigger to the project through a variety of synth loops inclusive of R&B AND TWEE sounds. The lyrics are catchy "you wanna know if you don't already" is stuck in my mind only from hearing it once! This is exactly the desired result in commercial music. Overall this is a strong project that brings emo rap to to the front of its influence. Great work. Looking forward to hearing more from 'Doc Breezus' for sure. I think that as he develops his production skills even further that he will be unstoppable in his field. If emo rap is your thing then make sure that you click the link below to hear the heat for yourselves! 7/10 from me for this one.



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