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Washington DC, United States

Credit - Elle Taylor





Washington DC-based artist 'Ego.0ff' released his latest album 'The Herd' on 10/05/22. The minute TJPL NEWS got wind of it we couldn't wait to introduce it to you! Opening with the title track 'The Herd' we hear beautiful vocal chops along with hip-hop/trap beats that pave the way for conscious lyrics and spoken word elements. This is a great track to open the album. Track 2 'We Shine' slows things down a bit and introduces autotuned vocals to create something catchy and fun. Again, soulful vocal chops linger in the background. Ego.0ff has a great attitude that is emphasised in his rap flow and the words are something that you need to get familiar with. If I had to compare his sound to anyone it would be Ja Rule, early 00s vibes! 'Keep it 100' brings the big guns. A simple drill melodic loop gets us in the mood for a fight before the drum loop comes in to offer something to rap along to. Again, the flow is HARD and hits. 'Me OK' keeps to the dark tone found in the track before it through the production of a dark melodic loop and trap drum loops. Track 5 marks the midpoint of the album. 'Now That You Know' brings us into a wave of uplifting production whilst offering us something extremely powerful overall. Several flows are found in this track that showcases the versatility and skill of Ego.0ff. 'Last Chance' slows things right down into a smooth and soulful R&B piece. Trap soul vocal chops hide in the background amongst a dominant drum loop and soulful piano synth loop. The lyrics that lay on the top of the production are heartfelt and relatable. I had to add this to my Tamara Jenna's Top Picks Playlist' this week. It hit some demons. Track 7 entitled 'Life Cycles' is another track that moved me. This song is vulnerable and honest with a message to keep going even when you can't break your own cycles. This track has also made my top picks this week. 'The Grind' samples some familiar slick guitar riffs - let's see if you can hear them. The flow is hard and the production is slick offering the PERFECT piece of magic. 'Dream Life' brings back the dreamy soulful R&B vibe through 90s-inspired production and flow. This track reminds me of Tupac for these simple reasons - The flow is similar, the instrumentation is similar and the sound overall hits similarly. Closing the album is 'Good Energy' and the title couldn't be more fitting. Opening with a happy jazz-inspired melody we're instantly taken into a happy and calm realm. As the percussion joins the production it sets the scene for the rhythm and flows to come. Ego.0ff is an artist that sticks to the true nature of his art offering something relatable and heartfelt in his lyrics whilst knowing how to use his sound in a variety of ways. This is definitely a 10/10 album.


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