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Fab 4TS - The World From My Eyes

Chicago, United States




"The World From My Eyes by Fab 4ts is a somber, dark-feeling album with underlying themes of death and anxiety. Fab 4ts gives listeners a raw look at his psyche and state-of-mind throughout the album, with multiple references to his brother, grandfather, father and mother. When asked their main influences the artist made reference to qualities rather than other artists and said "Perspective, Creativity, Originality" This really brought something refreshing to me. The creative team behind this album are as follows: Recorded and engineered by Fab 4ts. Production from Con, Sypooda, Brandin Blanco, Gums, Chris Carr, Elkvio, T2. So let's get into this review!




This album opens with 'Immortal Decisions' a track that hits the soul with an amazing feel! Violins, a heavy trap loop, and a sexy neo-soul guitar loop. The rap flow on this track and the lyrics are SUPER HOT! My favorite album of the month so far! ooooft. '24 Karat' continues to raise the bar through the use of a classic vocal sample before remixing into a slick hip-hop beat alongside prominent vocal chops. MAN THE FLOW ON THIS IS JUST SOMETHING ELSE. 'A Father's Soul Ties' continues the theme of the previous track, this is such an old school hip-hop album. I haven't heard anything like this in a minute. Early 90s vibes all the way through. One thing I would say is the mix on this one would benefit from raising the vocals in the mix to really hear the iambic pentameter of the flow. 'American Heroin OD' flips the album to the dark side through the deeper elements of the beat and the lyrical content. Survivers' guilt and a sense of deep sadness are found in the lyrical content of this track. Mid way through the whole track switches in feel to an even darker realm, the beat is completely different as we're taken into a story of death. A heavy 808, choppy piano, and a haunted vocal hum throughout. Track 5 entitled 'Sirens' marks the middle of the album. Dominant vocals that discuss loss, anxiety and fear. This artist needs to be heard! 'The So.UN' swoops in to take us back into soulful and gospel vocal samples that continue throughout the track as this rapper spits above them. This album has got me in my feels bad. 'Revenge' takes us back to a dark and haunting place through the lyrics and the wirey synth loop. Following demons is the main theme of this track. Fab 4ts is an amazing songwriter with a knack for adapting his craft in a way that hits your soul, your mind and your demons head on. 'Yesterday And Today' brings the soulful feel back into the album through dreamy vocal samples and a smooth soulful guitar loop. DAMN. Toxic people, gratitude for God and a reflection on a hard journey are key to the narrative of this track. 'What Could Have Been' brings brass instrumentalisation into the album for the first time and reintroduces the string instruments that we heard at the start. This album is so full of feeling, meaning and excellence. Several rap flows come into the mix to take us on a journey of change. The project concludes with 'The Genesis' - Slows us right down with its skilful guitar and piano before bringing in the drum loop with his rap flow. This track is more stripped back than the others and we can really hear the feeling in his words. Ending with a narative that leaves you rooting for this artist. This is a conscious hip-hop album fused with soul. I haven't heard anything like this for a very long time. I hope Fab 4ts is proud of his project!



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