Salford, United Kingdom




'Hope is all we have ' is the long-awaited third LP from North Walian cult band Gintis. Released on Mai 68 records on 27th May 2022, The band’s first album in 11 years sees Gintis in fine form with wonky indie-pop songs.

Gintis consists of many members:

Carl Roberts, Joe Booker, Kyle Lee, Rob Mercer, Niall Doherty, Julian Neale, Ramin Bostan, and Gaz Picket.

Dave Cartledge played the additional keys, Bill Ryder-Jones played piano, and guitar and sang backing vocals on several songs, Liam Power played Tambourine on Four Movements, and played additional keys on Never Be Lonely. The project was produced, mixed and engineered by Bill Ryder-Jones at YAWN studios West Kirby. Additional Engineering by Liam Power and Joe Edwards. Lastly, the project was mastered by Russ Hayes – Orange Sound Studios, Penmaenmawr.

So, let's go through this project then...





Gintis' latest album is a 12-track project that brings high energy and intriguing mixtures of musical fusion. Opening the album is a track called 'We Had Plans', a piece that combines classic indie rock with pop. The harmonies compliment each other and the arrangement of the instrumentation is interesting. Guitars, keys, and brass instrumentation bring something unique and experimental to this opening track. 'Oh My Little Malcontent' continues the experimental feel but this time we hear heavy rock make an appearance through the strong electric guitar that overtakes parts of the piece. I found it really intriguing how the tempo completely sped up halfway through and how the stripped-back indie rock feel weaved in and out of the heavy rock elements. A very interesting song indeed. 'Dennis' offers a different vocal tone altogether and really showcases the versatility of the band. Packed with high energy, this piece is definitely one for a live setting. 'Sentimental Songs for Sad Song Singers' brings back a folk feeling through the use of a harmonica, smooth layered harmonies, and a story from start to finish. 'Four Movements' brings a dreamy guitar pluck along with a story that is told using dreamy sway-worthy melodies. Again, we hear the brass instrumentation make its way into key points throughout the track which offer the signature feel of Gintis' sound. Making our way into the last of the first half of this album, 'Operations' brings in an interval of just over one minute. Discussing all of the things that make the lead singer nervous, we find ourselves in a striped back break between the two halves. Kicking off the second half, we hear 'Buildings' - a track that brings the fusion of this band to the forefront of its expression. 'You're the One I'm Keen On' is a heartfelt expression that addresses being there for someone who maybe you need to need? This piece definitely got me thinking. 'Requiem for Sc2' starts without warning, offering something quite wacky in lyrics and in the arrangement of the instrumentation. Track 10 'These Demons' offers something that I wasn't expecting based on the title. The piano arrangement is relatively happy and so is the vocal execution. The lyrics however are reflective of demons offering a midpoint between pleasure and pain. The penultimate piece entitled 'A Snooze in the Afternoon' brings the heavy rock feel back into play. Opening with high energy and no warning, we get something to lift the spirits after the talk of demons. Concluding the album is the track 'Never Be Lonely'. This piece strips down to acoustic guitar plucks to offer something reflective and intimate before lifting the piece in all of the right ways. This is a really interesting album so make sure that you click the link below to hear it.