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Fort Worth, Texas, United States





Hillsboro,TX-based rapper and storyteller J'Moris returns triumphantly with his biggest artistic statement since 2020's "Blac February" album.

J'Moris's latest release is his sophomore full-length album and 'the most vibe-heavy release of 2022', the 14-track "Moris Better: Loveless Confessions". The new album finds J'Moris showcasing versatility on the mic as he introduces soulful, distinctive vocal melodies over R&B tracks, chilled, seductive downtempo gems, and strip club anthems and booming Biggie-esque bravado over dangerous hip hop and trap beats. The new album was produced by Supamario Beats with 606Gus ("Work") and session9 ("NaNa") contributing a track each.

The 14 tracks on this album were chosen out of 30 + tracks the prolific rapper recently completed. Guests include D. Hewitt on the heady, addictive "Fall Thru" and 254 Assassin, and The Composer Four000 Units on the effortlessly smooth "Wanna Ball". So, let's get into it track by track piece by piece!





Moris Better: Loveless Confessions is a 14-track album full of RNB and Soul! I couldn't wait to review this one. So, where do we start? Track 1 'Magic' begins with trap soul vocal chops and a slick vocal execution full of RNB and rap flow. The guitar loops sound beautiful and the 808s are at the exact correct level. This was a great opening to the album! 'Wanna Ball' continues with the heavy 808 feel but brings something catchy and soulful in vocal. 'Skeletons' brings the trap soul-inspired vocal chops back into the track along with RnB vocals - "Time to dig up your skeleton" talks about demons and reflections "everyone has skeletons" this song is A** quality. Track 4 entitled 'Activated' brings something hard in rap flow and got me vibin' all the way no lie. 'Too Spicy' really is too spicy! Full of catchy synths a dominating 808 formation and completely clear vocals are found throughout the track. 'Private Party' slows things right down. Smooth, slick, and sexy this track is definitely one for your very own private parties... No need to say anymore. I like the way that this artist knows how to execute rap and RnB without compromising his distinct sound. 'Fall Thru' brings J'Moris and D.Hewitt to bring some extra heat to the album. 'Work' brings something catchy and heavy to keep your attention throughout before leading us on to 'You Bad'. 'You Bad' is full of references to women, admiration for a bad bitch, and heavy beats. Track 10 'We Can Get Away' is a piece that slows things down once again without compromising the quality of the track. Packed with highly sexualized lyrics I don't think every woman would be down for this one but I like it! It's full of admiration and lust packed in a track of pure confession and intent. Ironically the next track is called 'Not For Everyone'. This track offers something completely different in feel but keeps to the same narrative of the overall album - Love. 'Loveless Confessions' brings some funky bass guitar, high-pitched vocal chops, and a classic hip-hop drum loop with the occasional keys thrown in. This is an old-school-inspired hip-hop track full of class and style. The penultimate song entitled 'A You Thing' brings the heavy 808 back into play and offers a track halfway between Rap and RnB. The lyrics hit a spot in my brain, they're relatable and real. Ending with a Spanish-inspired string loop we're given the last track entitled 'NaNa'. Pure admiration for female anatomy is present in the lyrics. The whole production is sexy and seductive. This artist has an incredible way of integrating several soulful and expressive lyrics into rap, soul, and RnB. All of the tracks are mixed to perfection, and the select songs keep to a similar theme but are all told in different ways through the art of music. This album is one of my favorite submissions so far this month. If you're into Hip-Hop, Rap, and RnB then this is definitely going to excite you! Click the link below to hear the full album! You can also catch selected tracks on the TJPL NEWS Spotify playlist and on Tamara Jenna's Top Picks. This is a 10/10 album.


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