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KØASH - Dominoes

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Credit - Matthew Coe Photography

KØASH has released a great new song called 'Dominoes'. Caught between the 80s and contemporary pop, he brings these two diverse eras together to create his sound. 'Dominoes' is an afro-beat, 80’s infused pop song. Having developed a taste for singing and songwriting since his childhood, KØASH finally brings this all together with a culmination of future releases planned for early 2022 including his debut single "Dominoes" Produced by the Grammy-nominated Daniel Evans. There's a hint of Ollie Alexander meets JLS in the vocals of this track. Love it! Massive fan. Click the link below to hear it now! Show some love.


Having secured the Number 4 spot in our Top 10 Dance article this week, Tamara Jenna reached out to KØASH to find out more in our exclusive interview!



When was this track/project released or when is it happening?

11th March 2022

and where are you based?

Cardiff, UK

When creating the track/tracks, who were your biggest artistic influences?

I've was listening to a lot of J-Pop and Afro-Pop artists but there was no one particular influence.

What motivates you to create?

It's something I have to do, it's intrinsically tied to my mental health and well-being

How do you develop your artistic skills?

Writing and practicing every day, being open minded to new styles and sounds

What are your ultimate career goals?

To make KØASH a household name

How do you collaborate with other artists?

I haven't really collaborated with anyone yet but I'd love to get a rap feature in the future on one of my pop songs

How would you define your sound?

Caught between the 80s and contemporary pop (This song also contains Afro-Beat stylings)

What are your future plans? What can we look forward to for the rest of 2022?

More singles and as many quality releases I can possibly muster

Where can we find the track? Links to socials and distribution handles

iamkoash on all socials and KØASH on all streaming platforms. My first single is called Dominoes.


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