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American pop artist, musician and international model who appeared on American Idol Season 17 - Katie Belle is back with a brand new track! Opening with a staccato synth and emotive strings this track really conjured up my inner bad bitch (Some may say my inner psycho). This track has multiple credits including producer Josquin Des Pres, Songwriters - Josquin Des Pres, Craig Erwin, Jean Castel, Haley Morrissey. Aside from that, 2022 will find Belle focused on finishing up tracks written throughout the last year. Katie, an avid songwriter along with her producer Josquin Des Pres (Jason Mraz, Bernie Taupin, Gipsy Kings and Utonium Songwriting Team ( Jason Mraz ) are cooking up some heat for our eardrums this year so keep an eye out! We LOVE everything about this product and if you want to channel your inner bad bitch sass queen then go add it to your playlist


Having secured the Number 2 spot in last week's Top 10 Dance, Tamara Jenna approached Katie Belle to get more details in an interview



Thanks so much for chatting with me today, so, tell us all about you!

Katie Belle, some people drop the Katie and just call me Belle!

And when did you release 'Now That I Know' ?

I have been back in the recording studio multiple times during 2021 and just finished up 9 nine days in the month of April! My current release is “Now That I Know”. It released on April 9th and I also have a super fun Lyric video on my youtube channel for the song. “Now That I Know” is a “happy breakup song” and follows my more emotional release from last November “Daughter”.

You've been well busy lately! We can't wait to hear more. So where are you based then?

I am based out of Atlanta Ga. I work at a studio in Atlanta w producer Martin Crosby. My most recent releases where recorded with Producer Josquin Des Pres at Track Star Entertainment studios in San Diego. I also record in Nashville with Producer Kipp Williams.

What were the influences that stood out to you when creating 'Now That I Know'?

I am influenced by Contemporary and Classic Chart Topping Artists. Lyrics are important to me and I particularly like Billie Eilish , Lorde and Taylor Swift for lyrical inspiration. For musical composition I listen to a wide range of Pop, EDM, R&B, Jazz and even Country!

Being an artist can be tricky at times and sometimes we don't really maintain the same levels of creativity, what motivates you to create?

Somedays are easier than others to write out thoughts or concepts, but just about every day I jot down something! I have several journals full and working on a new one.

How do you develop those skills?

As an artist I consider myself “a works in progress” i.e. development, there are many facets to the music industry so I listen to those who have gone before me. I love reading the stories of successful artists and producers these stories are very motivating! I also try to bring some new ideas or vocal techniques to try out when I’m recording new music.

We all have them, so, what are your ultimate goals for your music career?

My ultimate career goals consist of a “bucket list” I do enjoy live performances and have been looking to book more shows now that Covid has faded and venues are back open. I would love to start performing at larger music festivals and doing regional tours. There are many ways to be successful but I do confess I look for the day when one of my songs hits a top position on the music charts!

When you collaborate with other artists what are the processes behind your approach?

I collaborate with artists both in studio work and via zoom writing sessions. I do prefer in person sessions over zoom, but zoom does allow for a broader range of collaborators both songwriters and producers.

And how do you develop your sound?

I put much thought and experimenting into my vocals and songwriting. I love my newer songs for their clear vocals, vocal nuances and authenticity. My lyrics are important and I strive to record in a way that my listeners will capture “the moments” in a song. I enjoy both moody and energetic and if you go back through my music catalog you will find a captivating variety.

What are your future plans? What can we look forward to from Katie Belle for the rest of 2022?

2022 is going to be full of songwriting, recording, local performances and plans are in the works for regional performances. I also am branching out into the CNFT cyber world!

That sounds so amazing! and lastly, where can our readers find the track? and what are your social handles?

The best place to go for my social links is my Linktree Page. All streaming services and social links can be found there:

ALSO: Instagram is my favorite and would love for your readers to come follow me there

It was amazing to catch up with you, we know that you're going to have a great year ahead and thanks for doing this interview!



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