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KI off the book - EP II

New York, United States




With their unusual, unexpected, and all-out surprising song structures creating true excitement through their ability to embrace creative freedom & execute extraordinarily ambitious ideas with vibrant passion – K I Off The Book promise to thrill listeners in ways that haven’t ever been conceived before; until now.

Diving deep into the explorative, expressive, and wildly imaginative side of sound, K I Off The Book is built on the strengths of a highly innovative instrumental duo on a mission to create genuinely unique & entirely unforgettable moments in time. Combining the spectacular skills of self-taught drummer Illes Ispanovits, and his classically trained band-mate Peter Kocso on guitar, together they generate true authenticity in their music, and take listeners on a powerfully stylistic & sensory trip unlike any other.




KI off the book - EP II takes you on a trip through reality and into the most incredible cinematic experience. Opening with GAME6_orch KI off the book don't beat around the bush, they get straight into the teeth of their sound. A track that is destined to be an action soundtrack for film or TV, the suspense of this instrumental took me into an action packed story all through the narrative of my own mind. As the composition goes on we can hear distinct chapters, stories, characters and depth to their music. This is a truly spectacular duo with skills in production that I have never heard outside of movies or theme. Track 2 entitled '140_orch' keeps to the suspense through the use of staccato strings and the varying tempo of the drums. However, having said that, we're also taken on another whirlwind through Spanish guitar. Action packed film based in Spain or Cuba anyone? Here's the track to capture the scene perfectly. 140_orch' is my favorite out of the two tracks thus far. Sprinkles of bells add the finishing touch to an already spectacular composition. Concluding the EP, we're taken down stream in '160_duo'. This composition sticks to the Spanish guitar theme through its fast tempo and hypnotic melody. Out of the three tracks on this EP, '160_duo' has the most mellow tone but speaks the world of calm meets chaos. At 7:19 we're given a story in its own right. A whole movie is imagined whilst listening to this one. From Spanish guitar to heavy metal you name it, it's in this track. Mixed to perfection, this 3 track project gives 3 distinct feelings in their notes highlighting the typical structure of a story - Beginning, middle and end. I want the sequel. I want to hear this in film. MORE PLEASE! A talented duo with a real story to tell.


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