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FEATURED ARTIST *Mahto & The Loose Balloons* The Buzzard EP REVIEW



Mahto & The Loose Balloons - The Buzzard

Johnson City, United States




Mahto & The Loose Balloons is made up of: Mahto Addison-Browder (guitar, vocals), Will Diebold (Bass) Sam Love (Drums) Travi F. Welch (Guitar, piano). The band started playing together after going to an open mic night at The Willow Tree in Johnson City. They are now currently recording their next full length album, The Perils of Being Lost at Sea. Taking influence from the likes of They Might Be Giants Neil Young Tom Waits King Krule, their latest EP, The Buzzard, was recorded home during the height of the Covid - 19 pandemic. Let's have a listen then!




This Eight track project opens with 'In the Middle of the Street' - a track with an eariness about it as it builds up in slowburn. Reverbed white noise sweeps around the track before introducing a steady drum rhythm. Suddenly we find ourself in a jazz inspired guitar riff and bell synth before intrucing us to a brass arrangement. Definitely a track to relax you. Just when you think that this track has no vocal content we're provided with smooth harmonies that take the track into a surfer rock feel. Incredible twists and turns in this one. 'Systemic' is completely different - a hip-hop drum loop, almost ska influence is found in the arrangement of the instruments. The vocals stood out to me as similar to Damon Albarn. Thinking about it, there's a real similarity to 'Clint Eastwood' in this one. Samba19 took me straight to Cuba through it's use of instruments. The way that the vocals add something new to a classic sound works really well to highlight the individually of this group. Midway through the project we're presented with 'Avoiding a Fever'. This song is a great track for long journeys or periods of reflection. I would suggest getting it on your Sunday playslists. I really like the fusion found in this group. 'Guest' switches everything up again with an opening that is native to drill music. This really switched up the vibe through the use of trap drum loops and a choppy haunting piano synth. Of course, again, we hear a switch within the track where we're taken into a soulful downtempo vibe full of uplifting solos and those signature vocals. The dominance of the bass hits different and works well. 'You Two Should Hang Out' keeps to the slow and easy feel but brings something new in a vocal tone that is reminiscent of Phil Collins. This takes us away from the world of Jazz and Hip-hop to take us into a wave of soft-rock. Closing the project we hear the title track, 'The Buzzard'. This is another downtempo track but brings the tempo up slightly to give us the momentum needed to walk away having remembered this band. This is a well thought out project with many influences and vocal ranges both in tone and lyrical execution. I'll be listening to this again for sure and so should you! So click the link below, let's get lost for a minute.



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