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New York, United States

Credit - Mark Hennen




Mark Hennen has been at the center of the avant-garde Jazz scene in New York City for decades. A world renowned pianist and pioneer of the sound, Hennen has worked in the music industry for nearly 50 years. He has performed as a solo artist and as a member of acclaimed groups like Collective 4tet, Earth People and his current ensemble Piano Duo Trio.

Over the past year Mark Hennen has produced an impressive volume of new material. He and his fellow Piano Duo Trio members, Jackson Krall and John Blum are exploring the farthest regions of a musical form that already exists at the outer limits of artistic expression. The world of avant-garde improvisational Jazz is not for the timid musician or listener. It is the sound of world-class musicians pushing themselves into previously unimagined realms of melody and rhythm.





'Mark Solo' is the latest release from Mark Hennen, released worldwide to all major streaming services on February 10, 2022. Recorded live at Piano Magic in New York City, the 26-minute piece finds the pianist riding solo and at the top of his game as he serves up a wild set of melodic and rhythmic experimentation.

SOLO is a piece of music that is over 26 minutes in length. Opening with what I would best describe as experimental jazz, we hear a mixture of bass, piano synths, and percussions that set the scene of this artist's mind. As the track progresses we can hear the inclusion of percussion. Throughout much of the piece, Mark Gennen keeps the energy level high through the use of each note. Each note is percussive, as complex melodies weave in and out of syncopated rhythms and sub-rhythms. As we enter the end of the first third of this piece (around the ten-minute mark) 'Mark Solo' begins to transition into something slower and does so with ease before bringing the high energy back into the track! There are hints of psychedelic vibes found in parts of the production that add something unique to the feel of the overall project. This is a piece of music that challenged my musical knowledge and brought something extremely unique to my attention. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this piece. Make sure that you hit the link below to hear it for yourselves and keep up to date with future releases from Mark Hennen.



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