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Maury 111

Berlin, Germany

Credit - Lilli Nass




Maury111 is a character of neo-pop songs and bionic sounds. Born in Paris and now based in Berlin the former soloist of the children’s choir of the Opéra de Paris presents his latest project titled 'Desert Temple'. Defining Maury111’s music as predominantly pop, the sound is a mix of bionic, futuristic sounds and introspective moods. Fascinated by desert landscapes since a journey in Joshua Tree, CA, this artist had traveled to Morocco in January 2020 where he stayed with a Berber family on the edge of the Sahara. Inspired by having gone on long solitary walks in the desert this artist has something reflective to present. This is an album that would sit nicely in the ears of fans of Björk, Thom York, Fever Ray. So let's have a listen and see what we think then!




This 11 track project opens with 'Indisla'. This is a great opening track that offers deep bass synths that are arranged in a way that intrigues the listener through its edgy and dark movements. As the vocals join into the mix we hear something uniquely interesting in Falsetto Tenor. This opening will definitely get listeners intrigued for what is to follow through the remaining 10 tracks. Instant Thirty Seconds to Mars meets the Weeknd vibes. 'Erase' brings 808s to the forefront of the track in a choppy methodic dream. The range of vocal effects and melodies leave the listener in a trance state as the track progresses. 'Inner Temple' takes things down a notch through dreamy synths and water snaps. The vocals are elongated, packed with reverb and sexy by nature. The breaks in between vocals offer a space for futuristic synths to come to light and take you on a space shuttle through the darkness. 'Subreal' opens with a different vibe all together through its opening. A delayed ping-pong effected melodic synth sets you up for something less dark before switching back into the signature dark sound of this artist. Almost robotic vocals weave in and out of this mix through its layers. This is a really catchy track with great mixing techniques. 'Sable' is quite experimental in its production offering a more upbeat EDM vibe in its delayed synth plucks. A kick resembles a heartbeat along with a sample that is reminiscent of a beeping machine. This track takes a while to build up but the anticipation is incredible to the ears of the listener. 'Held' drops the traditional EDM vibe of the artist all together at its beginning through the inclusion of Spanish guitar. As the vocals join in to the mix we're given something extremely personal in nature. A subtle 808 brings the bass element to the track to keep to the dark thematic without taking the spotlight of the artists' words. Midway through the track we find more instrumentalisation in a whirlwind of uneasy futuristic synths. These come in as the vocals drop out to fill a space that leaves everything to the imagination of the listener. Ending on acapella we get close and personal to this artist in the remaining minute of the song. 'All out' brings back the edgy and heaviness found in earlier parts of the album in almost a futuristic video game of a masterpiece. We hear beautifully crafted vocal layers that take you to a planet of pure imagination. As this track develops we hear the introduction of trap drum loops and heavy claps which accompany the twee sounding samples. This is a track that consumes the listener into the world of the artists. 'Esencia' offers a beautiful accompaniment of emotional guitar that is mixed with bass guitar and violin synths. I love the acoustic feel that this brings to the album. As the track builds, we can hear those signature inclusion of ambient sample snaps and the dreamy reverbed vocal layers. The space between the vocals bring a mix of bass and ambience to this track to offer you something to reflect on. The vocals remain at the heart of this production. As the album comes closer to a closing we're given 'Pyramidune'. This production offers something that resembles the darker side of dream pop. The panning of the instruments in this production takes you on a sonic journey that fills every space in your mind, leaving no room for anything other than the track itself. If you want something you can get completely lost in, 'Pyramidune' is the place to be. As the track progresses we hear all the tones and pitches that this artists holds in his voice. It's beautifully crafted to perfection. The penultimate track entitled 'Solov' takes you back to the dreamy stripped back nature found in some of the earlier pieces on this album. The vocals come in at a third way through the instrumental offering something that is worth waiting for. Stripped back vocals offer an insight into the raw emotions of the artist. This offers something basic but inspiring to the listener. Closing the album we're introduced to 'Setsun'. This track takes you on one last mission through space before landing back on earth. I didn't want this album to end but will always remember the journey. Maury 111 and the team behind 'Desert Temple' have created something sonically amazing here. Click the link below to hear it for yourselves!



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