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Maya Roxo

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Credit - Rebecca Toohey




Maya Roxo is a cinematic pop artist based in the UK. Her music offers catchy hooks and powerful vocals with dramatic cinematic elements.

On the 27th of May, Maya Roxo released her debut EP entitled 'Fearless Emotions', and we were lucky enough to review it! It provides an intoxicating mix through punchy synths and bass, with dynamic, heartfelt, and dramatic vocals, all while ending on a surprisingly soft and heart-warming outro. So, let's get into it track by track!

Credit - Rebecca Toohey





Maya Roxo opens her 5-track project 'Fearless Emotions' with 'This Is Your Faith'. The track begins instantly with lead vocals and sweeping backing harmonies. This works really well. As the bass comes in we get a feel of dark pop which I really love! This is an extremely dark opening to the project and I am 100% sold by this opener. The instrumentation in the vocals is minimal, offering bass and vocals but as the track progresses into the hook the use of the space is filled with every possibility to offer something cinematic and uplifting whilst remaining dark. 'Back To The Start' keeps us in the darkness. the heavy bass and panned synths really lift the track. This artist has an amazing way of vocalising her emotions through her lyrics, her vocal execution, and the use of instrumentation which is enhanced perfectly by the mixing and mastering techniques used. This is now one of my favorite artists for sure! One of the best to come through to TJPL NEWS. Maya Roxo makes it very clear that she is unafraid of going back to the start in this emotive piece of music. I love powerful female energy! Track 3 entitled 'Knew It Was' opens with 80s-inspired synths along with her main vocals before introducing powerful 808s. I love the vocal layering in this one! The music hits differently and takes you into a creation that is meant for the movies. DC/Warner Bros should defo grab this artist for a soundtrack! 'Echo' opens with a similar sound to the track before it. I love the dark pop meets rock elements found here and I equally love the way that all of these pieces have both minimal and crashing crescendos, they really tap into powerful female energy and got me fired up for sure. Making it clear that she refuses to be forgotten Maya Roxo makes it known that she will be an echo ringing in your ears and the whisper fade out of this statement was a clever trick! Closing the project we're given a piece named 'You'll Be Alright'. This is a piece that completely shook me. It's completely different from the previous four pieces. Leaning towards more of a ballad in arrangement and sound, this piece offers something raw and vulnerable. When compared to the previous tracks that highlighted the powerful energy and strength of females, this one addresses the anguish and vulnerabilities that we feel at times. This was the perfect ending to a very powerful collection of songs. Hands down one of the artists that I will be keeping an eye on! Click the link below to hear something extremely moving and powerful.


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