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FEATURED ARTIST *Richard Bandini* A Hymn to the Beauty of Silhouettes - ALBUM REVIEW


Richard Bandini - A Hymn to the Beauty of Silhouettes

Chicago, United States

Richard Bandini has been making music from the soul for nearly two decades and has now navigated the worlds of Alt and Indie Rock, Indie-pop and Sadcore. Now back with his latest album titled 'A Hymm to the Beauty of Silhouettes' we're given an encapsulating sound full of laidback licks that flirts with the signature sounds of blues and country. That is not all!

Opening with 'Bowles' we're given a gritty guitar opening which layers progressive chord sequences known to indie-rock with country inspired plucks and heavy electric guitar riffs and that's JUST the guitar elements of this track. A dreamy synth makes its way to take you up to the clouds as the track takes an inteval for us to breathe before the full band joins in for a mass party in our eardrums. Just WOW. I really got lost in this track and we're only on the first one of the album. Moving on to track two, we're presented with 'Prejudice'. Taking a step back and into the world of Sunday Mornings, I was taken into a mindful peace of mind through a production that is reminiscent Coldplay's 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head'. Prejudice is a real contrast to 'Bowles' in the way that it remains in a tranquil state for the duration of the song. 'His Buried Life' is a masterpiece! We hear a country inspired guitar sequence, reminiscent of the banjos that are present in country folk music. This track takes the tone down another notch and makes more room for Richard Bandini's vocals. At this moment, we completely understand the inspiration behind the album title, this piece of art is definitely a hymm. 'Thrusting Forward' takes the tempo up again whilst keeping to the country inspired theme found in the track before it. Something that has remained within all of the tracks so far are the intricate guitar riffs. Next up is the album's title track 'A Hymn to the Beauty of Silhouettes' where the guitar playing almost sounds mediteranian, it reminds me of the street entertainers that seranade customers outside restaurants in Greece. Whilst hearing this song, I was taken back to some happy old memories. As we enter the second half of this album, we're given a slow burn in 'The Delirium of Negotiation'. This track has a darker feel to it when compared the the first half of the album. Accompanied by the haunting lyrics "why won't you take me home?"

I got the impression that the artist was dancing with his demons when writing this one. A track with minimal vocal content but a strong message remains clear. 'A World Full of No Ones' brings a happier upbeat vibe just in time for us to join the party. This is another country inspired folk track with a Coldplay feel to it. Track 8 'The Better Me' brings back the energy found in 'Bowles' but with a harder hitting rock theme. Now, we're coming to the end of the album with 'I Understand Why' we're swarmed by the blissful feel of a harmonica before a layered happy plucking of guitar strings. I was taken back into dreamland , to a place of open grass and sunny skies. In this track we really get to hear the details of Richard Bandini's vocal tone. Ending this harmonious trip with 'Shoveling Snow' we're given emotive strings to accompany the intricacy of the guitar strings and the beauty of the vocals. Ironically, 'Shoveling Snow' has the vocal tone of Snow Patrol front man 'Gary Lightbody'. I really loved this album. If you're looking for something with a variety of indie rock, indie-folk and pure dreams this is an artist for you.



Recorded by Paco Loco at Paco Loco Recording Studio. El Puerto de Sta María, Cádiz, Spain.

Engineered and mixed by Paco Loco

Mastered by Jay Lyon at The Tune Shop. Chicago, Illinois, USA

Design by Luis Vassal’lo

All songs were written by Richard Bandini

All lyrics were written by Richard Bandini, except for “His Buried Life” and “I Understand Why,” written by Jose Luis Ruiz Mesa

Arrangements by Richard Bandini, Carlos Seoane, and David Guinea

Richard Bandini: drums, bass, guitars, vocals

Carlos Seoane: piano, Hammond, Moog, keys

David Guinea: Guitars



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