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Atlanta, United States


Credit - Kevin Allen




This artist is no stranger to TJPL NEWS having made our first-ever Top 10 R&B. I was so excited to check out his latest project! 'Samtrackz x Chill' is the progression of a love story that is set to music. The beats serve as a perfect accompaniment for vocals and easily memorable hooks. Every song stays on topic and easy to visualize the events taking place. Let's get into this full review then track by track!




Samtrackz's latest EP entitled 'Samtrackz x Chill is a 7-track piece of pure solid gold. Opening with 'Got You' gets you bopping in your feels from the get-go. A soulful piece that takes you through a conscious rap flow. Elements of the soul are found in this track to take you deep into your feelings. A beautiful track that is full of feelings that bring old-school Soul and Hip-Hop to the forefront of modern-day artistry. This is a great opening to the project. Track 2 entitled ' Coffee' is one that we've already reviewed over at TJPL NEWS. For those of you who missed it, 'Coffee' made it to Number 2 in our first-ever Top 10 RNB back in April. Beginning with a soulful neo-soul guitar loop- joined by hi-hats and a distinctive bassline. This is track oozes with seduction from start to finish. Keeping to the vibe we hear a switch from smooth and soulful vocals to hip-hop rhyme - a poetic track that you get lost in. This is a track of appreciation from a man to his woman. He's very clearly letting her know how he feels about her. This track is a caress of musical seduction. Add it to your sex playlists. If you need an aphrodisiac this will do the trick. Track 3 'Lovin You' brings in a heavy-hitting 808 with vocals by YB and Mila Akilah. A smooth master of the soul is found in the production of this track. I like the way that the artist brings other artists' into the mix, it adds something a little extra to the project. Entering the second half of this EP we hear 'Mary J'. This track switches the vibe of the project from soft and smooth to fast, smooth and hard with its fast rap flow and faster tempo. The hook is mad catchy and got me singing along instantly. Moving on to Track 5, 'Nice Guy' slows things down once again and takes us into a smooth and soulful realm full of sexy 808s, synth loops, and sauce plus an appearance from collaborator 'Sonny'. The penultimate track sees another collaboration with YB and brings a new collaboration to the mix with Mari. 'What's Next'. Lifting the tone once one 'What's Next' brings in the heavy bass, catchy lyrics and the artists all bring their own unique energy to the track. I love the uplifting energy of this one! Ending with 'Motivated' we're given a vibe half way between smooth and heavy. My favorite track off this project! Samtrackz is an absolute star. Everything about this project is smooth, energetic and full of passion. Exactly what I love! All of the tracks off this album have made my personal Tamara Jenna's Top Tracks playlist. This is a project that deserves all the recognition of the world. Samtrackz has produced a slick project that showcases his skills to perfection. The pieces are mixed well, the instrumentation and arrangements are PERFECT, the artists he collaborated with all bring something special to the project and his lyrics and vocals are great. FAULTLESS. Click the link below to hear it!



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