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FEATURED ARTIST *Snakedoctors*




Gdansk, Poland

Credit - Michal Mazurek




'Four And A Half' is a whopping 25-track project by Poland-based 'Snakedoctors'. This project was released on the 27th of May and I was asked by the artists' to have a listen! So, let's get into this review then!





'Four And A Half' is a project that holds an incredible 25 songs in total. The opening track entitled 'Crime Story' brings something offbeat and experimental. The melodies and the drum beats don't sit in a typical arrangement. The lyrics are indie-rock in nature and offer something rock-based. 'Friday Night' opens with a woodblock sound and heavy bass to bring a sense of atmosphere to the production. As the track progresses we hear experimental and futuristic synth progressions. 'Heart Too Small - Radio Version' is a track that that offers emo rock to its audience. I love the feel of the guitar in this one. 'B Song - WW Remix' goes straight in for the kill with techno synths and heavy bass, again the vocals are experimental and very unique. 'Too Many - Radio Version' really captured my attention through its heavy rock progressions. 'Wonder Girl - Radio Version' moves away from the experimentalism that is found in the previous tracks in offering something more commercially viable. I love the deepness of the guitar riffs here. 'Wuss - Radio Version' continues to the commercial theme through something that is packed with a consistent drum arrangement and heavy distortion in the use of guitar. 'Love' takes a step back into techno but away from the experimentalism found in the other tracks of a similar nature. 'Girls' is a piece that holds something simpler in arrangement but works very well. 'Heart Too Small - Grace Remix' brings soul and RnB to the album and oh I am so down for the feel of the instrumentation. Something that is interesting about this piece is that the vocal execution of the artist doesn't change and so offers a strange but uniquely beautiful fusion of RnB and experimentalism. The guitar riffs got me. 'Charlie - Has Gone To Heaven' keeps to a slow tempo in its opening before speeding the feel of the track through the use of techno-packed distortion. 'Wanna Fly' takes us back to a slow indie rock-inspired piece. 'Lisa' is more melodic, allowing listeners something to follow and be led by. 'Crime Story - New Wave Version' is something different, it's quite reminiscent of heavy rock. I like the feel that this offers. 'Friday Night' puts bass and drums at the forefront of its instrumentation before returning to a lo-fi feel in 'Wonder Girl - Grace Lo-fi Remix'. 'Too Many' takes us back into an indie rock once again before taking us into pop in 'Heart Too Small'. 'Wuss' reminds me of something from the rock era of the late 90s/00s. Track 19 entitled 'Mean And Ugly' is true to its word. It's a heavy distortion of guitar, drum crashes, and wired synths. 'Inside' is another piece that isn't necessarily melodic and leans more towards orange and anger both in lyrical content and the use of instrumentation. 'Soreshine' is a slow burner. The guitar solos offer a progression that leads up to the basic yet effective drum beat which is a necessary move for what we were to hear come next. It's a dark track that holds dark arrangements. 'Wonder Girl' offers something that we have heard before, but this time it leans away from Lofi and more into psychedelic rock. Love it. Concluding the project on track 25 'B Song-Part I' ends the collection of tracks with the merging of many of the experimental elements found throughout the 25 tracks. This is truly a vast collection that holds experimentalism strongly in its roots.



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