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Scarborough, Ontario, Canada


Credit - Ferdinand Orlain, Marvin Roux




SRE (pronounced "sorry") is an emerging artist from Scarborough, Ontario who has been on the scene for around two years now. His latest project entitled 'More Than I see" is a representation of his musical journey to date. Packed with concepts of uncertainty, but faith as an artist we find ourselves instantly routing for this artist. This project embodies the rollercoaster feeling of confidence, doubt, falling, dreaming, and hope within the music industry. This is a project that I was eager to get out to you! So, let's go through it piece by piece.




SRE has released a 6 track project entitled 'More Than I see'. This is a great piece of work! Opening with 'Shawn's Message' we're given a 16 second inspirational message from someone that the artist holds dear. Moving on to the main body of work, Track 2 entitled 'ULTRASOUND' opens with a simple yet catchy drum loop before bringing in hip-hop/gospel vocal samples as backings. The rap flow on this one opens the main project in style. Making references to The Fast and The Furious we hear about where this artist invests his attention. "All about that energy" we find ourselves consumed in it. Track 3 entitled 'RELOAD' does just that. It speeds up even further with a darker drill-style beat and lyrics - "Bullets on my affirmations" we get an insight into the manifestation and mindset of the artist. This artist has certainly reloaded in this piece! 'Shooting Stars' takes a breakthrough its Soulful female vocal samples before bringing a rap flow that lowers the vibration. This is a really reflective and dreamy production that takes the listener up and away with the stars. This is a really nice addition to the project that brings a different, more vulnerable side to the artist to the forefront of his creation. 'Wait' brings in a similar feel through a soft dream synth-packed instrumental. The rap flow has a hint of 'Drake' about it. Again, another beautiful side to the artist is felt in this piece. Ending the project is a track named 'SHOW STARTED'. This track has a real story to tell, rather than suggesting the end of the project, it makes the statement that he's just getting started. The hook is mega catchy, it embedded itself into my brain real quick and remains to make appearances frequently. This is the sign of a great production! This artist has a real knack for bringing several tempos and feels to his music without losing the essence of who he is as an artist. I'm looking forward to streaming more of his music and seeing his growth for years to come! This is a project for all rap lovers out there, whether you prefer hard-hitting beats or slowed-down dreamy synths. I would definitely recommend this artist and rate this one 10/10 hands down, no questions. Click the link below to hear some real talent. You won't be SRE!



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