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FEATURED ARTIST *Sunflower Summit*



Sunflower Summit

Chicago, United States


Credit - Sunflower Summit




Completely produced by an all-female team, 'In This Moment' is a collection of songs that will tug on your emotional heartstrings. As a female artist myself I was over the moon when hearing that the production team is completely female, especially in such a male-dominated industry. Varying in genre from alternative to indie, to cinematic pop, one thing rings consistent - each song explores a different area of emotions and mental health and will be there to hold space for your emotions.

Sunflower Summit will be hitting the road at the end of the summer with an intimate house tour, playing in people's homes rather than venues, and offering opportunities for mental health education.

I can't wait to get into this review so let's go!





'In This Moment' is a 16-track album that lasts just under 1 hour in length. The project opens with 'Become Undone' a track that has a gorgeous acoustic and natural feel to it. As the vocals make their way into the first verse as a listener you will find yourself taken into the drift of the tide. 'Do Nothing' offers something similar but with a faster tempo. The vocals are beautifully harmonised and clear to bring the listener completely into the arms of the lyrics. 'Not In The Mood' offers more layers and delays on the vocals in comparison to the previous two tracks on the album. 'Anxiety' is a confession, an outlet, and a massive question. 'How Bright' brings keys into the project for the first time. The feel of this track is extremely moving through the integration of keys and vocals. As a subtle percussion makes its way into the piece we slowly begin to feel the track lifting. 'Storms' is another stunning track. The variety of guitar strums in both pitch and intensity really brings this track to a whole other level. 'It's A Rainy Day' is a piece that taps into a darker realm through the use of long vocals smothered in reverb, a simplistic piano melody, and absolute depth. 'Temporary' opens in acapella and haunting vocal humming layers in the background. What stood out to me about this piece was the variety of sounds that the vocals were able to make. I've never heard vocals make so many beautiful sounds to create a melody in and of itself without the need for accompanying instrumentation. 'Pure Beauty' is a dreamy acoustic string-based production that you can't help but connect with. 'Tired Soul' takes you back into the acoustic piano and spacey vocals. 'Ironic' brings something more pop-based through a faster vocal performance. 'How Flowers Grow' takes a darker turn into acoustic piano and lyrical content before moving into a piece entitled 'Healing'. 'Healing' is another in-depth acoustic piece that has a lot to say in reflections. This piece struck me as it progressed. An experimental techno synth forms a layer over the acoustic piano and vocals to bring a feel of distortion, possibly reflective of the artists' mental state? 'I Can't See You' is another absolutely stunning piece that moves the listener into something real and heartfelt. The penultimate piece entitled 'To Be Brave' is a song that moves towards pop and absolutely stunned me. It's one of those pieces that just hits your whole body. Closing 'In This Moment' we're given a piece named 'To Love Myself'. I felt that this piece added something angelic to end the whole project. I thoroughly heard and felt every single song on this album. It's absolutely faultless, stunning, and the work of the Gods. This artist needs to be heard, I would suggest going on a TV talent competition because THIS is the EXACT type of music that has the potential to move the world.



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