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The Pink Crows

Paris, France

Credit - Barbara Nicoli Dahan




The music of The Pink Crows borrows from anglo-Saxon POP its codes and imagery to unite it with their love of deliciously acidulous vintage sounds by mixing with balance and elegance the sounds of 70's / 80's (rock & funk, and disco) to the more current ones imbued with electro. The duo has recently released their latest album entitled 'Rare Birds' - a 13-track collection that I wanted to explore! So, let's get into the juicy bits!





'Rare Birds' is a 13-track album by The Pink Crows'. Opening the project we're given the track 'Les Montagnes Russes' a piece that opens with the high electricity of 80s-inspired funk and disco. The mixture of English and French lyrics make this track extremely interesting and captivating. The opening vibe to 'Rare Birds' is a strong one that sets you up for the remainder of the project. 'If I Were You' fuses electronic 80s synths with the drum beats of RnB to create a pop piece that is something moving and captivating. 'Black Day (Radio Edit)' offers a darker feel that addresses the pain of love. Panned vocal chops, heavy drum kicks, and elongated vocals open the track in a way that is all-consuming for the listener. As the track develops we hear the introduction of Tecno synths and electronic rock laced with funk-inspired bass slaps. This piece is incredible! 'Room Service' is the ultimate 80s funk piece that takes you straight into the nostalgia of 80s pop. If you're looking for something to boost your mood this is the track for you! Track 5 entitled 'Mirage' implements the sounds of techno and indie rock with hints of funk - a track that holds a catchy guitar strum at the forefront of its journey. The vocal tone and layering technique in this song work wonder to the overall feel of the track. 'Haze' has a slow burn opening that is quite eerie and haunting. The best way that I can describe the sound is 'wind on a dark night'. Before we know where we are a beautiful enchanting wind instrument fills the space to guide us through the darkness. As the piece develops we hear the inclusion of indie rock instrumentation and arrangements - the classic slow drums, and the lead and bass guitar guide the wind instrumentation through the wind into a new realm. The lyrics take a while to come into this production but when they do, they're full of reflection and soul. 'You Can't Bring Me Down (Intro)' is another haunting piece - packed with panned vocals that swarm around your ears like demons to bring something very cinematic to the album. 'You Can't Bring Me Down (Radio Edit)' is another piece that brings something completely new to the album before moving on to 'Ghost from the Past' as you can imagine, this piece incorporates something haunting into its production, but it's not in the way that you think. The instrumentation is very Meditteranean and the vocals are angelic. It's only when you really listen to the lyrics that you hear the ghosts and demons that lie within its arms. 'Room Service (Nops Remix)' offers a brilliant alternative remix version of the already heard track and OH MY this track is radio worth, club-worthy, playlist worthy, party-worthy. A PERFECT EDM piece that implements funk, house, AND rap. This one made the 'Tamara Jenna's Top Picks' Spotify playlist and I don't think I ever want to remove it! 'Time' brings the elements back to the project but this time instead of wind, we find ourselves standing in the rain. The piece embeds strings, bass, and acoustic piano that are accompanied by vocals that move the listener. This track would do well in films or in Theatre. 'Fever' takes us into a dreamscape, the lyrics are hypnotic and so are the instruments used. Closing the project is 'Rare Birds', a track that strips everything back down to acoustics in a ballad that is worthy of praise. The Pink Crows have so many different styles in their artistry both in vocal execution and production. They address the light and the dark, in ways that range from funk, techno, house, rap, acoustic and more. They're truly a talented duo!



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