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FEATURED ARTIST *The Wrong Signals* Thoughts/Patterns EP REVIEW


The Wrong Signals

Thoughts/Patterns EP

Manchester, United Kingdom

Credit - The Wrong Signals

The Wrong Signals are an indie rock/pop band from Manchester, United Kingdom. Their latest Ep titled 'Thoughts/Patters is a reflection of the contemplative nature of their songs. After lead singer and guitarist Dave Cross went through a difficult time some years ago, his experiences came out through songwriting and he decided to form a band in 2018. Not long later, bassist and backing vocalist Rob Boardman joined who was just as passionate about writing sing-along choruses as Dave, bringing his own unique twist to the band. After some years and a pandemic, following several attempts at finding appropriate band members, drummer and backing vocalist Mark Shilton completed the trio and that’s when The Wrong Signals really found their sound. So, now you know a little background let's get onto the music shall we?

Credit - The Wrong Signals

Opening in high energy with 'Near Death Experience' we're provided with vocal harmonies and an indie rock element to 'The Wrong Signals'. The influence of other bands in the field such as 'The Smiths' makes its way into this song. Almost spoken word/rap is present in the vocals of this song. Making way for the next track, 'In The Room' takes a slower approach to its production with wavey guitars and a heartbeat for a drum rhythm before peaking in the chorus as the full band joins the track in instrumentalisation and vocals. Track 3 titled 'Is This My Reality' opens in a different way from the previous tracks on this EP with a solo drum easing the song into itself. An acoustic feel comes to light through the linking of a picked guitar which joins the drums. All of a sudden, the track takes a huge turn for the hook - we're given the harshness of electric guitar and drums in a punk-pop/emo twist before going back to the acoustics of the opening verse. This is really clever. I haven't heard these two genres mixed as seamlessly as this before - well-done guys. Ending with their previously released track of the same name as the band - 'The Wrong Signals' is a remake version new for 2022. In this song, we hear a cool bass riff before being joined by the vocals and instruments of the whole band which I thought was a great way to end this EP. Click the link below to hear The Wrong Signals' Thoughts/Patterns EP.



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