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FEATURED ARTIST *Vampire Liver Therapy*


Vampire Liver Therapy

Low Resolution Entity

Santiago, Chile

Credit - Jose Miguel Cumsille




Vampire Liver Therapy AKA Jose Miguel Cumsille prodcues the sounds ofsynths, guitar, bass and voice in his current album entitled Low Resolution Entity'. His main influences include the likes of Aghast, Ordo equilibrio, nine inch nails and marilyn manson. Transhumanism holds the lens of this album. This album it's the first part of a double album , the other album it's high resolution entity is already published

So, let's have a listen...




Vampire Liver Therapy presents their latest album entitled 'Low Resolution Entity'. This album consists of 12 tracks. So let's get into it then. This album begins with 'A Primal Concept of Death and Trends'. Opening the track with a heavy drum beat we hear something very tribal in the mix to start the album. Entangled with several techno synths we feel an experimental album lurking. As the vocals are introduced into the track we're given something futuristic and rock inspired. Track 2 entitled 'Become Simulated' hits your brain with its high pitched synth sample. A haunting vocal infiltrates your brain before being overlooked by experimental drums. Uneasy to the listener but equally just as intriguing. There's a strong message found within the lyrics. 'As I lie in the Sound' is a great track filled with techno and rock arrangements. The track builds and strips down in a way that allows you to join the journey told through its lyrics. This is an interesting piece of music. I love it. Track 4 entitled 'Treat Me Like Your Servants In Hell' is a trippy spaced out production. The opening elements are panned to perfection to leave you in awe. Extremely futuristic through the use of distorted and uneasy synths we're given another feel to this album. Something slightly more relaxed but as equally eerie in nature. The lyrics are reverbed and slower than the other tracks so far on this album. 'Junkyard of Refurbished Humans' has a telecom feel to it, almost like am attempt to communicate with extra terrestrial beings. I loved the experimental feel of this song. The lyrics address concepts that address the end and the beginning, the monster and the idiot. 'The Unsatisfied Animal' offers a slow burn introduction of techno inspired synths before bringing in the vocals. Track 8 entitled 'Truth Is In The Voltage' has more of a melodic feel to it when compared to the previous tracks on the album. The instruments and synths follow a path of thought that are repetitive but catchy and leave the vocals to do their thing. The strip down to piano and drums alongside the vocals works well to offer space in the mix. 'Put the Spirit out of the Metal'opens with dream synths before quickly making the switch into heavy metal. This was a shocking turn of events but extremely interesting to me. Further into this track the tone changes once again to lower the tone but the overall theme of the track is extremely fused in an experimental techno and heavy metal influence. I've never heard this type of genre fusion before so I was really interested in this track. 'Saying Not To die as a Human' is a track that taps into another metal realm. It's haunting, scary and thought provoking. 'Dump Yourself to Clean Your Pain' brings back the spectacular panning that was found earlier in the album. This is a great cinematic piece that would do well in a movie or a sci-fi series. The penultimate track on this album is called ' Day to Apologize My Threats'. This is another cinematic piece that is of an experimental techno origin. I like the opening verses to the track, they vocals are clear and the track is mixed well. Ending this 12 track album we're given 'No Force to Shut Down' this brings an all out production to end the album.



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