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Vampire Liver Therapy

Santiago, Chile

Credit - Jose Miguel Cusmsille




Vampire Liver Therapy AKA Jose Miguel Cumsille sent us his album entitled 'Low Resolution Entity' to review last week. This week, we're taking a listen through the first part of the double album entitled 'High Resolution Entity'. For those of you who missed our review last week, his main influences include the likes of Aghast, Ordo equilibrio, nine inch nails and marilyn manson.

So, let's have a listen...




High Resolution Entity is a 14-track album that provides 1 whole hour of experimentalism. Opening the album is 'Memories Blending Without Future'. This track volumises itself quite quickly through the living of volume and the panning elements in its introduction. This track is both suspenseful and magical, something rare and unique. As the vocals are brought into the mix we hear about different feelings, liars of memories, and questions of reality. 'Your Flesh Corrupt My Skin' intrigued me in its title. This is a track that brings the artists' traditional experimental techno back into play for the first time on the album. Haunting drum progressions, a sprinkle of eerie piano chops, and classic techno synths take you on a journey through the darkness along with metaphoric monsters and demons. Track 3 entitled 'Until Then off With Their Heads' instantly got me thinking of Alice In Wonderland and the second I clicked play I fell in love with the track. Opening with almost a fairytale arrangement but only briefly, we become intrigued by the change of tone. Of course, this doesn't last long and we're taken back into the true experimentalism of the artist. Bringing a fusion of heavy metal and techno we find ourselves down a rabbit hole of both awe and fear! 'Wrap Your Metal in Human Flesh' is more cinematic than the previous tracks on the album so far. The instrumentation is perfectly mixed and the vocals are haunting. 'Like Ashes Without Complaint' almost takes a step into twee music in its opening before moving into melodic hard rock. I like the feel of this track, it remains dark but brings something more melodic to the experimental. 'I Don't Try to Understand an Emulation' is full of distortion, messy minds, and pure madness, I love it! Now halfway through this album, we're given 'I Can Control What's Your Eyes Believed'. This track resorts to a more well-known techno feel in production. It's softer than anything else on this project. This opens up another reality and perception in the mind of this artist. The switch works really well to provide almost an interlude to the project. Minimalistic and soft, the experimental pieces remain but offer something that leans towards the art of trance. We're left to the words of the artist to guide us through the tide. 'It Has Been Useless to Be Human' takes us straight back into the uneasy and dark feel of the artist through the use of heavy drums and choppy piano synths. 'To Die and Etcetera ... Your Mind It's Not Compatible' is a track that brings the classical piano to the album for the first time. I thought that this worked really well and that the heavier rock feels in the overlayer worked well too! 'The Putrification You Love, And a Feeling out of Voice' brings back a melodic feel in the form of a choppy synth, it's quite dreamy and adds to the atmosphere and elevation of what is to come next... the classic heavy rock vibe. Track 11 entitled 'Trauma Come Again' is a track that encapsulated the metaphor of demons and trauma perfectly both in production and lyrical content. 'Unplug the Core, Remove Myself from God' brings heavy bass to the forefront before quickly adding more for effect before bringing a truly haunting synth in the track that follows. 'Some Insects Could Bite Like a Promise Tonight' is an eerie and haunting piece that is enhanced by elongated vocals, trance synths, and the sound of techno. Ending this album is 'Cover Your Skull, Cover Your Plastic Muscles' a track that takes a dive into distortion through wired bass synths and marching drum beats. This album tells only half a story so make sure that you listen to 'Low Resolution Entity' to get the full picture!



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