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Reno, United States

Credit - Clayton Lancaster




The comedic duo Weed N’ Stiff are back with a 15-track full-length album entitled 'Ron'. (Almost) Fresh off the press this was released yesterday June 3rd. Ron, the character in the WNS universe, is the band’s bumbling Manager mostly known for holding auditions at Outback Steakhouse every time Jim Weed quits the band. This interested me! So, I decided to go through each track simultaneously to provide you with the ins and outs of their universe!





'Weed N' Stiff' open their newly released album 'Ron' with a track entitled 'Arcade City' The piece contains twee sounds, fun guitar progressions, and wacky vocals that don't take life too seriously. I love the wacky nature of this piece, it's carefree and allows for something light and entertaining. 'Yummy Man' keeps to the video game feel and brings in some fun synth arrangements to recreate the feel of video games. When you listen to the lyrics they're a sign of a lyricist that doesn't limit their feelings nor do they care that they're strange. I love it! 'Squeeze of Cream' opens with the same arcade video game introduction which offers coherence and a continued theme to the album. This track moves away from synths and towards indie-rock in its early stages before introducing 80s synths that do not overpower or over theme the feel of the track. 'Boxer' opens with what I initially thought was the introduction to 'Barbie Girl', this wasn't the case but you can envision what this meant for the initial feel of the track. I think the vision for the artists may have been to create something that highlights the themes of 'Rocky'. This didn't last long before the classic indie rock meets 80s synths feel of this group comes into play and the theme of the track becomes clearer. 'Boxer' is a track that I couldn't help but really get into and I'm sure if you have a listen you will feel the same energy too! 'Wigglemen' intrigued me in the use of title alone! As it began to play I couldn't help but laugh at the opening line. "Can I borrow some Tuna is what you said to me last Thursday when you came over to my home." Weed N' Stiff' make it their musical mission to bring comedy into their pieces which is what makes them so likable and enjoyable. 'Motor to the Mall' offers something dreamy through the use of bell synth melodies. There are all sorts of vocals in this piece that make great comedy from high pitch to deep grunts. As the main vocals come in we hear a midpoint between the two as the lead singer does what he does best. 'Prelude to SherBERT' gives the audience an insight into all of the effort that went into the track that follows. This offers an honest narrative to mark the mid-point of the album. 'SherBERT' follows after a 3,2,1. A heavy hip-hop bass and drum loop offer something very different to the project alongside a hip-hop keys synth. The prelude suggested something very serious was about to come but what followed was something that resembled something from a Chris Lilley sketch - Angry Boys in particular. I loved the comedy behind it! it was "SMOOTH". 'Days of the Week' brings the fun 80s pop back to the front of the album. Again, the lyrical content is comedic "I just punched a cow" (I do not condone animal cruelty) but the sheer wackiness made me laugh. 'Roll With The' takes us back into rock and roll with strong electric guitar strums and an energetic drum performance. The guitar riffs in this one caught my attention. 'The Prom' brings those dreamy bell synths back into the mix. This track captures the classic cheesy prom feel that you see in 80s movies. 'Space Fan' got me from the start with its heavy guitar and bell synths. The lyrics in this piece make it very clear that they LOVE SPACE and so do I! 'Goddamn the Fisherman' gives us even more genius guitar content with twee sounds thrown in for good measure. This is a fun track. The penultimate piece entitled 'Loaf' takes us back into the dream synth/80s pop feel as it slowly progresses into video game madness that is packed with twee sounds. I could almost see Pacman through my ears during this paradox. Closing the track with something completely manic 'The Ditch' opens with the natural sound of birds singing before offering little twee sounds that move along in melody along with a loose vocal execution. I must say, this album made me laugh, smile, dance, and question life. I love it. If you're looking for something fun and packed with comedy genius then click the link below to hear 'Ron' now!



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