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London, United Kingdom

Credit - Aiste Tiriute




'Motina' is the first release from the new duo called Yorige. This is an EP containing six Lithuanian folk songs interpreted for a modern audience. The duo consists of singer Aaron Fross and instrumentalist and producer Niels Bakx. This project is their attempt to make folk music more enjoyable and accessible to the average listener. Both of the band members have their own solo careers and have had some collaborations before, although this project is primarily for folk interpretations. In a statement we were told the meaning behind the EP's title - " The Song is my mother, the folk songs I grew up with, this is why this EP is called Motina (eng. Mother)"

Aaron Fross (aka Jorige Jurgutyte) was born in Lithuania and has a lot of family living in Lithuania which has contributed to their connecton and knowledge of Lithuanian folk music. All the songs have their translation and explanation on the Yorige bandcamp website : So let's get listening then!




This six track project opens with 'Ant marių ant mėlynųjų' an absolutely stunning track with great vocals. The mix of the whole track is great and allows for the vocals to fill their space with ease. Although I do not understand the words of the lyrics I was able to find the translation via the band's bandcamp. I was incredibly moved by the vocal performance. You can feel the emotion of the words even if you weren't to understand them. Sometimes music can translate and infiltrate the soul, this is one of those songs. Track 2 entitled 'Oželis' brings a high level of reverb into the production. The feel of this album so far is similar to the spiritual feel found in Arabic/Islamic music and its's also entrancing, soulful and incredibly captivating. These two tracks so far on the project have taken traditional Lithuanian Folklore and turned them into something otherworldly to a modern audience. Track 3 entitled 'Rūta žalioji' offers the acoustic sonics of the sea through waves of pure bliss. The minimal instrumentalisation in this track allows us to really hear the words and emotion behind the vocals. This track showcases the most amazing whistle note I've heard. I got lost in the feel of this track. I wish I could understand the language because I can tell that the words and story behind them offer an insight into a traditional culture that I would love to learn more about. Offering sensual guitar strums along with an ambient sense of space that the reverb crates. Track 4 titled 'Saulele' brings something just as spiritually moving but more intertwined with the original's folk roots. The guitar plucks compliment each other beautifully in harmonious bliss. The way that the guitar layers pluck together is very hypnotic and move together like clockwork. Again the vocals are beautiful. 'Tu paukštuke mėlynoji' offers a darker tone to the project through the use of cinematic strings that do not fade out for the duration of the whole song. This is a minimalistic production that is highly emotional. Closing the EP on track 6 we're offered 'Sviro lingo'. A sense of strength is found in the drum percussion, the way that this track incorporates several percussion arrangements to offer the feel of tribal chant. The harmonies offer a haunting feel to the listener whilst keeping to its spirituality. At this point I know that the project is coming to an end and it saddens me! I've really enjoyed reviewing this project and I hope that the group stays in touch! I'd be honored to do further work with them. The production from start to finish is something I won't forget. It's unique, heartwarming and the vocals are on a spiritual level deeper than any music I've ever heard. Spiritually hypnotic, meditative, perfectly executed. There's no critique from me whatsoever. This whole project is highly meditative, the frequencies used and the vocal execution is absolutely stunning. I will definitely be awaiting more from Yorige.


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