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FEATURED ARTIST *Zachary Crawford*



Zachary Crawford

Cork, Ireland




Hello Stranger is the debut album from Zachary Crawford. This album was recorded over the course of a year jointly in his home studio and Dutch producer Phil Martin's studio in Dordrecht. It draws inspiration from the soft rock sounds of the late 70s/early 80s and records with a mix of vintage analogue instruments and modern production techniques. A strong emphasis on cryptic, thought-provoking lyrics adds an interesting contrast to the light, catchy melodies.

Who was involved in the track?

• Zachary Crawford - Vocals

• Phil Martin - Drums, Percussion, Keys, Bass

• Tim den Heijer - Guitar

• Margriet Groenhof - Backing Vocals

• Yolande Kalbs - Backing Vocals

• Phil Martin (Producer)

• Edwin in 't Veld - Mastering

• Zachary Crawford (Composer)

• Zachary Crawford (Lyricist)

So, let's have a listen then...




Zachary Crawford released his 10 track album entitled 'Hello Stranger'. Opening with 'Down the Rabbit Hole' we're taken on a journey through soft bass, smooth percussion and dreamy synths. A hint of funk shows itself briefly in the mix to bring another realm to this production. You can literally feel yourself falling down the Rabbit Hold. Smooth brass instrumentation gives us something sexy and when accompanied by R&B/Soul inspired guitar solos we get pulled into the track even more. 'Out of Here' offers a similar feel of jazz and soul but brings in a contradicting statement. Once fallen Down The Rabbit Hole but now let's get out of here. Track 3 entitled 'Sunlight' offers another soulful track through similar use of instruments and their arrangements. These first 3 tracks open this album with something that you can sit back, chill to and also get all consumed in. 'Do You Believe Me Now' is a track that beings something new to the production. Opening with a classic 80s synth vibe, and more of a ballad feel to the overall track. Packed with synths and slow guitar strumming we're given a track that you can't help but sway to. There are some lovely melodies and backing vocals in this song. 'Change Me' strips right down to make the vocals the main point of focus during the opening. As the track progresses we're given a soft rock/soul rock track that questions many things in its lyrics. This is a great album for easy listening. It's mood enhancing, allows you to relax and really feel each part of the mix. Brass solos, guitar solos and a steady bass rhythm come into the mix to offer a further element to the relaxed feel. A great track. 'Ink Under Skin' got under my skin for real. I love the feel of the soulful yet rock inspired pop meets R&B fusion that is found in the work of this artist. Track 8 entitled 'Wake Me When It's Over' opens with a classic EDM synth with the uniqueness of a horn synth that sounds influenced by R&B. This sounds like it shouldn't work on paper but it really does! I love it. The penultimate track 'You Got This' offers something unique. Talks of the cosmos, quantum, satalities and black holes take us back to a philosophy that is similar to what was found in 'Down the Rabbit Hole' through its lyrical content. I love the philosophical references in these tracks. I like the break from the instruments that leaves space for just a guitar. This gives a hint of acoustic to the mix before bringing the uplifting feel back to the track. Concluding the album we're given 'Hands Up'. This track is the perfect Sunday feeling wrapped up in one production through the use of jazz arrangements. This is a great album! I loved listening to every minute of it. 10/10 from me!



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