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FEATURED ARTIST *queen mars * lucid truths and fever dreams - ALBUM REVIEW


queen mars - lucid truths and fever dreams

Los Angeles, United States

Credits - Brian Strupp and Ayahna Shea

queen mars sent us her debut LP 'lucid truths and fever dreams' and we were so impressed by the producer and singer-songwriter. queen mars explores her astrological makeup with a thirteen song tracklist that mirrors her birth chart. Dipping between the personalities of her god complex and inner child, queen mars explores the full range of her psyche with the rawness of a diary entry. lucid truths and fever dreams is an astrology-inspired album that acts as a thirteen-minute fever dream. Each track flows into the next, exploring the planetary placements and themes of mars’ birth chart. When discussing her project queen mars said the following - “I think the perfect first album captures the essence of who the artist is. Astrology has long been an interest of mine. My artist name queen mars is based on the fact that I’m an Aries sun. When it came time to start constructing my first LP, it just made sense for me to use the information I extracted from my birth chart as songwriting prompts. For me, there’s nothing more personal than that information so I’m excited to share this very vulnerable side of myself."

Credits - Brian Strupp and Ayahna Shea

This project opens with 'sun in aries'. Heavy distortion brings us into our inner feminine energy before making room for 'rising sagittarus' a track with more lyrical content setting the scene for an alternative RnB project. 'mercury in taurus' takes us to a darker side of RnB with a real 'Doja Cat' vibe to her artistry. 3 tracks into this project and we're beginning to see the beauty of this artist come to light. 'lilith in cancer' slows down the tempo a notch with smooth synths and a mellow drum rhythm. Her vocals take a few octaves north which shows her vocal versatility. 'mars in aries' is a more electronic production full of reverb/delay which takes us into mars questioning how someone could replace her. Track 6 'uranus in aquaries' transports us to the next planet, through a more upbeat production full of choppy synths. 'moon in aquarius' makes more room for her vocals before taking us on a dreamy flight around the solar system. The transition into 'juno in pieces' is a slick and smooth one. I'm really impressed with this project so far. 'Pluto in sagitarius' tickles up bad female energy in a sweep of pure darkness before introducing a classic modern day RnB synth. 'neptune in capricorn' is a track that is full of harmonies whilst queen mars discusses her demons with a haunting melodic production. 'jupiter in Capricorn' goes deeper into the darkness of this artist, packed with guitar solos. The penultimate production in this creation is titled 'venus in gemini'. This is a track that contains a funky bassline that fits in nicely behind its synth progression before making room for a classic RnB/Hip-Hop drum loop. I'm really impressed with this artist. Ending with 'saturn in aries' we're taken on our final lap of the planets through a confession, the final chapter of this project which explains the meaning behind the production. queen mars is one talented woman - a symbol of hope, feminine energy, and a classic example of what women can achieve on their own when they tap into their true nature. I really enjoyed this project. I got a real 'Doja Cat' from the way that the artist produces her music and the lyrical style. I wish there was more to each track but I completely understand why the project is pieced together the way that it has been.



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