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Filip Dahl Explores The Passage Of Time With His Nostalgic Single 'I Still See You'

A Musical Journey of Remembrance, Crafted with Melodic Prog and Blues Rock Influences
I_Still_See_You_Cover_Art: "Artwork for Filip Dahl's evocative single 'I Still See You.'

Filip Dahl’s new single "I Still See You" serves as an emotional trek through time, delving into the complexities of aging and the human need to hold onto precious memories.

Background & Bio:

A composer and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Norway, Filip Dahl has a storied career that spans decades. From his early days as a lead guitarist in various Norwegian bands during the '70s to being a co-founder of the acclaimed Brygga Studio, Dahl has made an indelible impact on the music industry.

Musical Influences:

Influenced by bands like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, and Dream Theater, Dahl's music seamlessly blends melodic prog rock, blues rock, and harmonic symphonic rock, offering listeners a rich auditory experience.

Notable Achievements:

Since his return to the music scene in 2016, Dahl has released four solo albums and ten singles, all self-composed, performed, recorded, and produced. Critics have lauded his distinct lead guitar work, praising its unique style and tone.

About The Single:

"I Still See You" serves as a heartfelt homage to Dahl’s past, encapsulating the swift passage of time and the significance of moments gone by. The accompanying music video amplifies the song’s message, featuring photographs from Dahl’s early years, taking listeners on a nostalgic journey.

Personal Quote:

"This song is dedicated to unforgettable moments and to all those who have left us with such dear and precious memories." - Filip Dahl

Filip_Dahl_Profile: "Filip Dahl, the Norwegian composer behind the emotional new single 'I Still See You.'

Critical Acclaim:

Since its release, the song has already gained critical acclaim, lauded for its emotional depth and Dahl’s signature guitar work.


With "I Still See You," Filip Dahl has created a hauntingly beautiful tribute to the passage of time and the memories that shape us. It is a reflective piece that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt the weight of years gone by.


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