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Filip Dahl Unveils Prog Rock Sound in Latest Single "Can You See the World"

Norwegian composer and multi-instrumentalist Filip Dahl's latest single "Can You See the World" showcases his exciting musical journey with a definitive prog rock sound that sets it apart from his previous blues rock-inspired releases. The song starts with a gentle guitar and electric piano, gradually building in intensity and power before a drastic tempo shift midway through leads to a heavy finale.

Dahl's music and lyrics in "Can You See the World" make a statement about the unpredictable future of our world due to the egos of leading politicians. As we listen to this track, we can't help but wonder what kind of world our children and grandchildren will inherit. Join us on TJPL NEWS as we delve into Dahl's latest musical exploration and ponder the thought-provoking message behind his newest single by clicking the link above or the one below!


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