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Fish And Scale's 'Stay!' – A Heartwarming Blend of Musical Genres That Captivates and Comforts

‘Stay!’ is a single from Fish And Scale that finds the balance between indie, folk and storytelling music to deliver a track that will win your heart. The instrumental is grounded by finger-pricked strings. They find the chords and spread them out. The percussion is light, dancing overhead as the piano takes it’s time, picking out notes and sending them home. The vocal is warm, human. It rocks back and forth on an old wooden chair and is comforting in its honesty. The song wavers, it’s sad, but it has a hopeful core, one that vibrates with positivity as the song plays on. The ending blasts through the clouds and adds craters to the moon.

Fish And Scale has found this razor’s niche. A fine line between country, rock, indie and folk. It is a sound all its own. With more songs like ‘Stay!’ no doubt on the way, Fish And Scale is certainly an artist to keep your eye on. Heartwarming and silken, a song to fall into.



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