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Fleanger's 'Fume': A Lo-Fi Epic, Emulating the Sun's Journey in Sonic Splendor

‘Fume’ is an 8-minute epic of electric and lo-fi tones that keeps the vibe low to the ground and shimmers in the heat of the rising sun. This splendid amalgam of sounds comes at us from Fleanger, backed by Cafe De Anatolia. The heat of the track is what sets it apart for me. In subtle changes and flushes of the sound, ‘Fume’ mirrors the subtle yet monstrous power of the sun. The start is cool, moist. The beats bounce up and clap with one another, sending dew spiralling down around the vocal. Then the sun rises, baking the ground. It begins slowly, the warmth just on the surface. But as the song continues that warmth permeates the bedrock and sends blissful heat into your very soul.

Alongside all of that warmth of tone and shifting beats, there is an inescapable rhythm. It’s bright, funky at times, and keeps you on your toes. The length of the song helps it achieve its maximum velocity. The beat can grow, shrink again, develop and crumble. During ‘Fume’ we not only live a day in the sun, but we are able to witness a classic hero's journey in sound. This is more than a single, it is a sonic electronic opera of lo-fi proportions. A magical event which we should all be privy to. Fantastic.



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