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FLEXY - We're Beautiful


We're Beautiful

Hamburg, Germany

Pop and dance music can drill a vibe into the world faster than anything on the planet. Good vibes? Boom, instantly. Change it up for a smooth chill vibe? Bang, instant. The insatiable track record continues with Flexy’s single, ‘We’re Beautiful.’ It's a pop track that brings the beat to the centre of the room. Synths dance around it and a pulsing pad keeps the rhythm. The two-part vocals harmonise in the swirl of a warm ocean that careens off as far as the eye can see. It's a good time, it's an upbeat time and you can’t resist that urge to dance. The melody hits like a ram, straight in the gut and charging right through you. It's deep, imminent and full of texture. A vibe … has been created.

Flexy is pushing pop and dance music hard. It's fast, it's vibrant and it's up there with the best of them. ‘We’re Beautiful’ should be on your ‘good times’ playlist, add some extra zest to your mix.



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