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Flicking The Bees" by Electric High: An Upbeat, High-Voltage Rock Anthem Unlike Any Other

Electric High’s ‘Flicking The Bees’ is a rock single like no other. It holds at its core a joy. A lot of rock songs come into this world with a fire for redemption in their belly, rage or anger. Not here, oh no. Electric High have produced a single full of fun. It’s upbeat, fast, and never lets its guard down for a second. The track pumps you full of energy, it makes you want to get up and shout, dance, sing! The band have found a way to throw their emotions through the sonic universe and directly into our ears. I suppose the feeling I'm looking for is electrifying.

When ‘Flicking The Bees’ begins you’re not sure what you’re going to get. The vocal duo call out the melody a cappella and leave the world in silence. But not for long. The instrumental blasts out of the walls hits the ceiling and covers the floor in rocking groove. The track gets underway and the good times start to flow. The pacing of the song is always upward. We start out loud and get louder and louder. By the end the instruments are bleeding, the drums are broiling like thunder and the vocals are screaming beautiful harmonies at one another. Suffice it to say this single is a spectacle and one that you should never pass up. Engaging, inspiring and blood-pumping, ‘Flicking The Bees’ is a nitro-fuelled indie rock track that will change your day for the better.

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