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Foundry Town Survivors Bring Back the Passion of Rock with 'I Want To Be Loved'

‘I Want To Be Loved’ is a rolling and uplifting rock-pop track from Foundry Town Survivors. The song buzzes with positive tones, high stabs of guitar and sighing solos. The vocals layer and punch out a melody that doesn’t take long to get stuck firmly in your head. It’s bold, it’s colourful. ‘I Want To Be Loved’ feels like a track that is blazing straight out of the 80s. Cool-headed and loud, the track shifts from verse to chorus with smooth funky transitions and barks at the bridge with some face-melting guitar textures that you will never fail to fall in love with.

Foundry Town Survivors have pushed the rock sound back a ways. There is nostalgia behind the lyrics, a love for the passion of rock that now seems to be missing. The world spins differently now, but not when you listen to ‘I Want To Be Loved.’ It’s a peek back in time; back to when rock meant something. Foundry Town Survivors are telling us: it still does.



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