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Frank Bramble Unveils Deeply Emotional Indie Pop Track 'Pretty Colours'

Frank_Bramble_Portrait: "Portrait of Frank Bramble, the solo indie artist behind 'Pretty Colours.'

Frank Bramble Takes a New Direction with a Personal Tribute

Frank Bramble, a solo indie artist, is all set to release his deeply moving new single, "Pretty Colours," on September 29th..In fact, that's TODAY! Known for his DIY approach to music and an authentic indie-rock sound, Bramble is stepping into the indie-pop genre with this new offering.

The Inspiration Behind the Song:

"Pretty Colours" serves as a heartfelt tribute to Frank's late grandad. The song takes inspiration from the perspective of an older couple, capturing the nostalgia and cherished moments spent in their garden, a sanctuary of memories.

Unique Production Techniques:

Frank's creativity shines in the studio where he employs inventive production techniques. Among the textured layers of sound is a purposely out-of-tune kalimba, manipulated into a high, syncopated, and crunchy tone that adds a distinctive character to the track.

Cover Art:

Contrary to the title, the cover art for "Pretty Colours," shot by Frank's friend Josh (@ShotsbyJosh), is ironically rendered in black and white, set against a stark Birmingham backdrop. This artistic choice further emphasizes the emotional depth and complexity of the song.

Authenticity and Recognition:

Frank's music has consistently garnered attention for its genuineness and endless experimentation. As noted by, "What we love about Frank Bramble is his authenticity."


Pretty_Colours_Cover_Art: Black and white cover art for Frank Bramble's single 'Pretty Colours,' shot by Josh (@ShotsbyJosh).

Future Prospects:

Frank Bramble’s continual dedication to his craft and commitment to live music make him an artist to watch closely. His upcoming single promises not just a shift in musical direction but also offers a glimpse into his evolving discography and the exciting potential for live performances in the future.

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