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FRANK JOSHUA - Bluebell Wood

The snow settles on branches. A deer, white, spectral, prances in the grace of the wood. Which wood? ‘Bluebell Wood,’ by Frank Joshua. It's a pop song that feels like it came straight out of the 80s. Below the pop, below the rhythms and the good times, is a story that you can get lost in. With Frank Joshua’s low and subtle storyteller vocals, I’m amazed I ever escaped the fantasy. He pulls you in with harmony and keeps you there with vibrant lyrics and a narrative that I can’t find anywhere else in music.

‘Bluebell Wood’ hits different. It's bold, it's new, it's exciting. The synth is subtle but it works to push that pulsing beat. When the lyrics drop in and the story gets underway that’s when the true magic happens. With more to come from Frank Joshua, including a whole album, be sure to keep those ears peeled. There’s a lot of good stuff coming our way it seems! Smashing!



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