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FRANNIE B's "Wonderland" offers a playground of thoughts, overthinking and 5 impossible things



Oxford, United Kingdom

Oxford based pop artist Frannie B released her latest body of work just last week on the 7th of October. In fact, this project marks the debut EP from one of Oxford's most curious artists. This collection of five thought provoking, mind boggling and extremely artistic tracks goes by the name of "Wonderland". Now, let's wonder as we fall deeper down the rabbit hole...

Frannie B may have created a collection of songs within "Wonderland" but they all bind together to showcase one key theme. Overthinking is the persisting theme that keeps on giving, making this a project that gets Curiouser and Curiouser and subsequently causing me to question how many impossible thoughts Frannie B had before breakfast this morning.

Now, let's begin...

Firstly, we find ourselves pulled "In Too Deep". Frannie B shows her catchy pop vocals in a way that is ready for chart-topping success. Talks of not wanting to be alone in her mind, and the inability to wake up is a concept that many are familiar with, making this a highly relatable as well as catchy track! - This opener is destined to grasp ALL Pop/Dance lovers.

"Older" moves into a darker production, but not too dark at all! The lyrics are super relatable in this song too! Reminiscing on a future or past love? Ever thought that you had met the right person at the wrong time? This song relates to the existential overthinking that comes with healing from a relationship that was imperfectly perfect.

"Lose You" has an intriguing twee opening before diving into synth bass-infused super super super catchy production! I've got to say, this is a track that is ready for worldwide domination! The lyrics address the fear associated with the rabbit hole of thoughts that occur when you're scared to love someone that you convince yourself that you are doomed to lose. This is a song that takes the dread that you feel when your life starts lacking emotional control...and as bonkers as that may read, I know that many of us find ourselves in this position, including myself.

"Too Young To Be This Sad" throws us into the land of vocal chops, emotional guitar loops and electronic synth bass. This production takes listeners into confusion from the heavily produced to the more basic elements of instrumentation and mixing techniques. This completely enhances the meaning and confusion that is addressed within the lyrics.

Frannie B has a true talent for taking her insecurities and using them as a superpower. Her thoughts and feelings haven't just been used to create remarkable lyrics, she's exceeded that by creating a whole world for a new wave of existential pop - I guess in essence, that is "Wonderland" - TAMARA JENNA

"Wonderland" concludes with the title track - Kind of backwards, obscure and different right? I love it! Concluding the project with its main piece is risky but it's paid off Frannie B! Last but not least does not even begin to cut it here! The song stands out (as a title track should).

Running the risk of losing listeners as the EP goes on is a risk that all artists run into but this whole project is one that I'm sure will see a minimal dropout rate, those of you who listen for the duration of the project are offered a true gift in "Wonderland". This song specifically makes a clear reference to the work of Lewis Carrol and I know that this will hit the spot for all fans of the Alice tales.

I cannot wait to hear more from Frannie B - I'm 100% a fan of this fun yet healer of an artist!



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