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FRODE FIVEL - Goat Simulator


Goat Simulator

Fredrikstad, Norway

Weird and wonderful. I would say that’s my favourite genre of music. (If you can nail a song down to a genre anyhow.) So when Frode Fivel’s latest single, ‘Goat Simulator,’ hit my ears I lit up. A heartfelt and sombre track that laments the soul and woos over the heart with picturesque piano … when looked at from afar. But when you get closer, when you can feel the music, and breathe the lyrics. That’s when the weirdness starts to show. A journey of estranged bodies, races and freezer heists. ‘Goat Simulator’ is a musical experience that will soothe you, and unsettle you, all in a singular moment.

Frode Fivel have perfected this sound. One that sits on the fence between folk and rock ballad. Layered harmonies and simple instrumentals create such an atmosphere, and at the core of it all, beneath the fascinating lyrics and wonderful performance, is a smashing song. Simple in its construction, complex in its delivery. ‘Goat Simulator’ is a must-listen for any creature with ears. (Possibly even some without.)


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