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GARLAND KELLEY - The Point of No Return


The Point of No Return

Nashville, United States

Garland Kelly has released a track that is profound. It takes classic rock stylings and adds a modern twist to them through rhythmic riffs and rounded bass lines. The feeling of ‘The Point of No Return,’ Garland Kelley’s latest single, is one of pure rocking soul. It's warm and tonal, taking notes from Audioslave and their fountain of riff mastery. It bleeds this melodic mindset into the rhythmic songwriting of the Chilli Peppers and what you are left with is a sound that no one can turn their nose up at. ‘The Point of No Return’ is simply astounding in its range. The vocals slide effortlessly from low to high. The guitars slip from smooth to slap. The chorus is invigorating and those harmonies send shivers down your spine.

Garland Kelley will be a name you will not forget. With such control over tone, lyrical melodies and rhythmic pacing, ‘The Point of No Return’ is exactly that. From here, there is no going back to subpar indie rock. Garland Kelley has set the bar, and it's out of orbit.



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