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(Made It) Another Day

Park City, United States

Credit - Melanie Greenwood

‘(Made It) Another Day’ is a single righteous from Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions. A blues/rock/soul track that bleeds Americana in passionate red, white and blue. The sounds here are classic and done right. They wile and dwindle and bounce right back, slide guitar, soft snares, slight vocal harmonies and a bass line that lies right under the radar. It is a blend that had been taken on by many bands, but Gary Dranow has added a twist, it's almost dark. It starts low and bends its back, pushing up through the breach and into the light for the chorus. It's a fresh perspective and it allows us to really listen to the tones and textures of the instruments as they play and sing together.

Harmonics and a jazzy chord progression is the trigger for the track. It opens up warm, gives itself enough time for the instrumentals to get settled with one another, then the vocals start and the medley is complete. The sound is one, together, gritty, rich. When the chorus comes it rises like the tide and leaves like one too, taking with it all expectations. What is left behind is a new and astounding love for Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions. To take a sound and peel it back to its roots, yet still deliver something new and invigorating is a masterclass in songwriting in my book. Take heed, blues players of the world. This is distilled music at its purest.


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