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Gary Dranow's 'Day I Was Born': A Blues-Rock Explosion That Celebrates the Genre's Roots

Another smashing classic bluesy tune from Gary Dranow, ‘Day I Was Born.’ It’s blues all right, blues to the bone. The guitars switch up the heat from the get-go. There is a swing, a funk. The blues is strong with this one. The vocals drop in hard and fast as the drums give a roll and the bass slides into step. The Vox have that grit, that oomph that you need to really get a blues song rocking! And away it goes, into a chorus that will knock your socks off every day to Sunday. It’s a delight to listen to rock’n’roll being played by those who truly love and respect it.

‘Day I Was Born’ is a smashing tune, and that’s just the core of the song. If you factor in brilliant harmonies, stellar rock organ playing and a breakdown bridge that could melt the face off a person from a mile away. If you’ve got all that — you’ve got a banger. Splendiferous.


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