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GARY DRANOW - Twisted Minds


Twisted Minds

Park City, United States

Credit - Liz Dranow Photography

Gary Dranow knows how to put a rock song together. Tracks that breathe the same air as 80s greats and 90s rock legends. ‘Twisted Minds’ is one of these tracks. Rock that is so pure it melts the heart and twists the mind as the name suggests. Vocals that hold the grit and majesty of rock in their core, guitars that swell and bite at the melody and bass that rumbles when it needs to and dances when it doesn’t. It's all held together with great drum patterns and tones and wonderful harmonies. All of that before we even get to one of the best drum breakdowns into guitar solo sections that I have heard in a very long time, the riff is simply intoxicating.

‘Twisted Minds’ is a must-have on any rock playlist. It's new, fresh and is born of the classics. Isn’t that what everyone is pining for? I know I am.


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