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GARY MICTIANI - Die Every Night

Gary Mictian’s blend of post-pop electronic music is completely intoxicating. His latest single, ‘I Die Every Night,’ is some of his best work to date, bringing together all the skill he has amassed and honing a sound so concentrated that it's illegal (but it's so good though). The beat is heavy, dark. The synth rides overhead, casting red lights down over silver streets. We’re not hiding though. The vocals drop in, calm, melodic, a perfect guide through the dystopian hyper-pop. The light finds us, the world gets bright, and the tension builds … the chorus hits. It's fluid and dynamic, with a hook that won’t quit and a bass that is so deep it’s got a timeshare in the Earth's core.

‘I Die Every Night’ is special. It's a track that blends what we know with sounds that are unfamiliar. It's a song from the future, figuratively and metaphorically. It sends you there, only to find yourself. You fight the beat but you can’t because it's impossible (but it's so damn good though).



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