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George Heyden's 'Lose Control' Takes EDM to New Heights

George Heyden’s ‘Lose Control’ is an EDM track that toes the line between dark synth and new world dance music. It’s bright, colours fly around you, lots of blues and reds. The vocals are swift and punchy, they call in with a melody that catches your ear, dragging you deeper into the melodic inferno. The lights dim, and the bass begins to rise. The track gets underway. George Heyden’s use of clashing synth tones turns this track from a song into a journey. We start soft, muted, glowing. When the chorus hits the song banks into a roll and dives showing us a heavier side to the synthetic world. Bass rushes, beats pound, the volume rises and you are lost in the groove.

‘Lose Control’ pushes what you know about EDM off the table and uses the clattering sounds to form a new beat, a new feeling, a new addiction. George Heyden has knocked out a winner.



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