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Get Swept Away by BabyXDaddy's Latest Single 'BUBBLES'

BabyXDaddy have a deep synth sound that wraps its foundation around the R&B core that you can feel in your chest as you listen to the thumping melodies of ‘BUBBLES,’ their latest single. The vibe has angst on tap. The bass is deep, effulgent, and shimmers through the core of the earth. The layering synths come down on your head all at once as the rain begins to pour and the vocals begin to sing. They keep low amongst the mids, taking their time, picking their moment — until. BANG! Splashes of melody and fantastic rhythms line the walls of the club. You can’t see the exit for bodies on the dance floor. All you can do is be swept away by the beat. And swept away you shall be…

‘BUBBLES’ stems from R&B but pushes deeper into a new-synth space. It’s a creative track that distils the feelings of heat and passion to enhance that edgy flavour. It's rich, bold and colourful. A fantastic track that will have you feeling the oomph in no time.



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